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Monday, June 21, 2010

Grumpy Bie..

Dear Readers..
Today I started my day feeling fairly okay but as the day went on I became more and more grumpy and irritable.. Goodness knows why.. Being hungry at mid-morning didn't help either..

At almost noon a man suddenly barged into my office and bossed me around..

Man: Mana si *Yurni?
Me  : Dia keluar. Ada apa tu?
Man: Sa mau bayar saman ni.. Aiya macam mana la ni, takkan mau tunggu dia datang balik.. (jeling2 sy lagi tu)
Me  : Em, sy pun boleh tolong uruskan pembayaran saman encik.
Man: Ya kah? Bah, capat!
Me  : (dalam hati) Silaka.. Silaka.. Silaka....

After I checked the amount of his fine..

Me  :RM60 encik.
Man: Hah, RM60? Betul kah nda oh? Rm30 bah tu..
Me  :(fedup sudah) Dalam system RM60..
Man: Bah nanti lah sy bayar..

He walked out the door..

Walaweh... After that my mood became as black as thunder.. Suma orang pun sy marah.. Polis pun sy marah, siap terhalau lagi tu dari opis sy.. Opss.. Sorry Corporal.. Nda sengaja.. Sy ingat ko urang besa yang bagaya mau menyuruh2 sa lagi.. Needles to say I met him again after I chased him out and all I can do was tersipu2 di pintu. Didn't say sorry though.. Yeah, I'm egotistical that way.. My popularity which is almost non-existent definitely went zilch I'm sure..

Just feeling bad about lashing at people.. Oh well...

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved..