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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My First Birthday Celebration.. 26/06/2010

Dear Readers...
Last Saturday I had my first birthday party ever! I was sooo excited.. As my birthday fell on a weekend, my best friend who organized it decided to postpone the celebrations to the weekend. It wasn't a big gathering but it meant a lot to me because it's my first time having my birthday celebrated and with the people that I have become close to and view as my extended family.

We ate, drank and were merry.. On top of that we sang karaoke with some of us being unable to let the microphone go.. Hahaha.. Sepa tu ah? :) All of us had a wonderful time.The food were simple finger foods like chicken wings and such but it was the company that made the party lively..

I'd like to say thank you to all that came to the party, especially Ralphy and kak Eva for coming all the way from Telipok. Also to abang Boyd and kak Oak who graciously hosted the party at their home. Last but not least, thank you to my heart, my bestfriend, my love Harold for organizing everything. Cheers!

P/S: Sorry for the lack of pictures. Just protecting their privacy.. I'm sure you guys understand.. :)

P/P/S: Gee, there's a whole lot of firsts in my blog recently rite? ;)


Amanda Christine Wong said...

your blog should be called "Firsts!" :D. glad u had a party u deserved :)

Phoebe said...

Hahaha... I just noticed.. I should put my "First" experiences under one label,, Hehehe.. Thanks manda.. :)