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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Rant At Lunch Hour..

Hi peeps..
One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to work is people calling the office at lunch hour. The sound is so irritating and magnified by the silence, it's all I can do not to cut the wires with a scissor just to shut it up. The calling part I can still take, but the part that really irks me is that when you tell the caller that the person he/she is looking for is not around, they sound surprised, irritated and/or angry.

I'm like, what the *tuuuuttt* man? Where are you from, outer space? Don't you understand the meaning of lunch hour? It the hour when all employers and employees alike get away from the office to rest and eat. If you still can't comprehend that, please Google 'L-U-N-C-H H-O-U-R'. I'm sure they have a trillion definitions that could make your puny brain grasp the concept and meaning.

Sometimes I would not answer the phone especially if it's not my department's line. What for? I walk so far just to tell that the person they are looking for is unavailable? That's just wasted effort. They would know soon enough when nobody answers the phone. Bad employee? Bad Phy? Unethical Phy? So sue me. Go and answer your office phone at lunch if you want. I'll just sit here and do something beneficial with my time thank you very much, such as updating my blog. Wahahahaha... Evil laugh.

If any of my future employers read this, well, the cat is out of the bag. I'm not being lazy, I'm just being practical. If you still want to call it lazy and have doubts employing me, let me just remind you that you will be losing a very smart, capable and efficient, not to mention hardworking, employee just because of the matter above. Sy tengo tempat dan masa juga bah. Kalo office hour sy jawab la. Kalo mood sy charitable sy jawab juga time lunch hour, regardless of whether if it's my department or not. I'm not so bad leh..

Do you have this pet peeve too or do you looovveee to pick up the phone during lunch hour?



Christy Gwen said...

I totally agree! budu ni mcm nda pndai tgk jam!!