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Friday, September 28, 2012

Caught In A Whirlwind...

Hello all..
Aaaalll riiiiggtt... In my previous post I told you guys that I landed an interview at Sutera Harbour but have not heard from them in a while right? I had quite forgotten about it until yesterday. I was at UiTM KK (where I must add, I was 'bounced' from one building to another like a ball trying to find the person that can actually certify true copy my Diploma) when my friend told me that I had 2 missed calls (my phone was in the car). I decided to call back and found out that it was from Sutera Harbour. Terkejut.. Taaaarrriiikk nafas panjang2..

I hung up and called up Miss T from MarCom. Excited pun ada, takut pun ada. This conversation took place between my heart and mind:

Heart: YAAAAaaayyyyy!!!!
Mind: Shhhhhh!!! Diam2 la! Lu excited lebih ni apahal?
Heart: Mesti la excited, manatau dapat tu ker.. *Belum abis cakap*
Mind: Aaaaahhhhh, teda! Jan lebih2. Manatau dia mo bagitau yang ko inda dapat. Neh, neh, neh...
Heart: Ah ko ni geng, negatif betul... *Mulut muncung sedepa duduk diam2 di corner. Merajuk*

So what really happened is that I was referred to Miss F from HR and she informed me that I got the job and was I able to start on the 1st of October 2012? Ter'nganga' sy sekejap tengo handphone sy. Seriously? I told her that I would swing by at Sutera to discuss the matter with her because during the interview Madam M did not inform me anything about the salary, benefits, etc.

I applied for a Level 5 position but was given a level 4 position instead. I couldn't believe my ears. I STILL can't believe it up to this moment actually. Sampai tahap sy fikir,"Entah2 dia silap cakap kali tu kan kemarin?". Part of me felt excited and happy while on the other hand I'm petrified.. I don't know the first thing about what a MarCom Executive actually does. I know Marcom interacts with the media and manages the hotel's online social ones but surely it's more than just updating Twitter and Facebook status.

Miss F told me that 'at my level' I'm in charge of 'all 3 properties' (I guess maybe that means Magellan, Pacific & Marina/Golf). It's overwhelming. Umpama sy ni baru pandai floating dalam bath tub, kira mo belajar berenang dalam swimming pool tapi kena humban dalam laut dalam dan kena suruh berenang. Self-doubts crept into my conciousness, bulih kah sy ni? Silap2 Coordinator sy lagi ada experienced dari sy. I'd look like a fool! Tambahan lagi sy ni pemalu tau tau tau. Directors tanya soalan "How are you?" pun sy bulih stumble over my words. So tell me, how can I not feel doomed?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It's just a case of the jitters I guess. As I said before I'm happy and honoured to get this opportunity. I know there must be a reason why I got this job eventhough at each stage it didn't seem like I had a chance. I mean can you blame me? Look at the odds:

I had absolutely no experience in S&M (not of the kinky kind, sorry) let alone in MarCom.
I had no one to recommend me, I just sashayed *okay tipu* suka2 over to the HR department and handed over my resume.
Madam M said herself during the interview that she was hesitant in giving me the job because I am a single mother.


I was called for an interview on the day that I had already applied leave for Sophie's appointment.
I was out of the office when I was called about the job offer yesterday so I was able to swing by and to to Miss F about the benefits and what not.
I was inspired to forward one of my blog post to Madam M in my final attempt to get this job. Iya lah, interview sudah hancur, tunjuk hasil kerja jak la.

Dipermudahkan segalanya. Macam meant to be kan? Macam lah.. Now my dilemma is to resign while fulfiling a month's notice or not? Sy rasa bersalah sama my FC if I resign without a month's notice. Then again, SH pun mau sy start kerja ASAP. Pening kepala sy.

Well, I guess this is all for now. Working time! Cheers peeps. Will keep you posted.