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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

It WILL Happen In Time...

I posted this entry on my makeup blog by mistake and could only transfer this post today in October so if you see reference to this month being September, this is a backdated post actually.. I hope you guys still enjoy it...

Hello all..
In this month of September, especially towards the end, it felt as if I have been bombarded with a lot of news and situations that had me at emotional highs and lows.

Got called for an interview: Happy, nervous.
Got to know relative in financial problem: Sad, wish could help.
Stood up for myself in the workplace: Guilty, happy, determined.
Offered a job at an unexpected level: Ecstatic, disbelief, nervous, petrified.
Found out relative in deeper trouble through own actions: Disappointed, sad, curious, loss, disbelief..

I used to question a bit about why it takes so long for things to happen; why haven't the company contacted me with their offer or rejection, why Sophie is not teething yet, etc. Now as things start to unfold 1 by 1, yet again I started to realize that I should not have been in too much of a hurry, that everything whether good or bad happens as they should.

For example, because my job offer came a bit late yet SH need me for the job asap, I decided to just pay for 1 month's notice to MGH, take 2 weeks off and start at SH on the 15th. I will have the time to get my work attire ready, spend more time with Sophie and let her grandparents dote on her within the inch of her life.

This gives my aunt who cares for Sophie a 2 week break which she needs as her family is facing a crisis right now. My mother who is coming next week to visit Sophie couldn't come at a better time as she could be a listening ear and comforting shoulder to my aunt. At the same time today Sophie is showing signs that she is teething. Since I am on leave and my mother will be here, we will be able to take care of her personally.

See? Allah's hand at determining what happens when is so amazing. So if you are ever in a situation where you are waiting and waiting for something to happen and things seems to be moving slowly, rest assured that if it is good for you, it WILL happen and at the right time too.. Don't be angry with Allah because He always knows best.

This is all for now, cheers!