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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Indulge All The Way..

Hi there,
I was at TCBTL just now and for the 1st time in my life, I ordered a salad, smoked salmon pula tu. Mau healthy la konon. For drinks they had a promo, buy 1 free 1 and they are all only for chocolate based ice blended. Kalo ikut hati mau juga beli, yang 1 lg boleh bg boo. Or not.

Since I am in a bid to be healthier and after this I won't be in KK to enjoy Starbucks, TCBTL, etc., I decided to indulge in an ice blended. When the cashier asked if I wanted whipped cream I said no. Again, its because I wanted to make healthy choices. Then it struck me. I have blogged about this before actually a year or too back.

When it comes to indulgences, which comes once a week or once a month, one should go all out and have it the way one likes it. Yup, add the whipped cream, the extra sprinkle of choc chips. What's important is, make it count. After that, park further away from your office and walk, do an extra half an hour on the threadmill, etc to reduce the 'damage'.

What I am trying to say is, I feel it is better for the body, mind and soul to get the real deal during a session of indulgence rather than compensating by reducing this and that up to the point that what you indulge in doesn't taste how it is supposed to anymore. Defeats the purpose of an indulgence don't you think?

Of course over time we can try to trqin our taste buds to enjoy taste for less. Reduce the sugar, salt, oil, etc., but in general, when it's time to have your fave treat, it's best to really do enjoy it so that you won't feel deprived.

Oh and by the way, that salad I ordered was good it terms of taste but it's rubbish in terms of health. It was laded with mayonaise, croutons and cheese powder. Sigh...

Anyway, would you rather compensate on your indulgences or go all out?