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Friday, October 19, 2012

My First Experience: Swimming

Hallo there..
It's been a while since I wrote a first experience post right? I have certainly not explored anything new for a long, long while. I felt old and ancient but not anymore because I have finally learned how to swim! Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!

No more going into the water up to waist level then pretend to look like I'm merely standing there because I want to and not because I don't know what else to do in the water. No more do I have to be content with just sitting at the edge of the pool dipping my feet in the water while trying not to turn green as those who could swim frolicked in the water like mermaids. Not that I am now a mermaid by far.

I must say the first time I was taught to swim was over a year ago at Poring. Kalo tidak silap la. Either that or a few months ago in the swimming pool at my apartment. Masa tu punya lah epic fail. It didn't help that I panic very easily. Tidak pandai sync my breathing and movements and the movements of my limbs were very uncoordinated. I surprised myself two days ago when I just cuba try test and moved my limbs as I was taught to.

It actually was a passable effort and I felt myself move forward. My friend who could swim gave me feedback on what I could do to improve like to fully 'kuak' my legs, timing when breathing and limb coordination. I followed my friend's instructions and managed to swim from one end to almost the other short end of the pool. I think I could have reached the end if only my hair hadn't covered both my nose and mouth when I rose to the surface, rendering me being unable to breathe. I am so gonna invest in a hair cover and a pair of goggles. Oh yeah!

I wanted to swim all night. Kalo bukan sebab ada guntur and lightning nda la sy mo pulang kali oh. Alhamdulillah, because of this achievement I now feel strong and empowered. If I can do this, I can do anything kind of feeling you know? I just need to get into the 'zone'. Next thing I want to really do is learn how to drive, ride a bike and dive. In that sequence. It feels free to acquire skills, improve one's self. Kalo tidak kan rasa dunia tidak menarik ni. Stuffy and boring. Tersekat pun ada sebab banyak yang diri tidak pandai buat kan.

I really need to remind and push myself to learn new things and skill all the time. You should too dear readers. Let us learn something new to enrich our lives. This is all for now, cheers!