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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weight Loss and Job Update..

Hello there..

As the title indicates, this post is going to be about my weight loss update, or rather, how I'm doing at achieving my weekly goals, etc., and my job update. My health-related goals were to drink up to 2L of water for the 1st week. I must say I kind of failed terribly. I think I just fulfilled that goal 3 days out of the 7 days of the week. If I didn't forget to drink water, I would be in a situation where it would be inconvenient for me to do so (long distance trip so want to avoid to many visits to the loo), etc.

For my 2nd week my goal was to reduce my non-water beverage to 2 cups a day on top of the 1st week goal. I had no trouble doing that and in the process has found my new 'best friend' that would help me with my 3rd week goal and that is to reduce my food consumption by a quarter (I know, funny. Haha..). I have been using this product for a week so I have kind of achieved my goal for this week since last week. That friend is...

Red Guara by DCL

I think some of you might already know this product. This is a drink that is used to reduce one's food intake by helping us to feel full sooner and for a longer time. I know what you guys are thinking. Si phy main buyuk! Guna produk untuk kawal makan. Weh, apa salahnya kan? It's not that I have any disillusion with this product. Like I said before, there is no one magic pill, drink, etc., that enables us to lose weight without diet or exercise because if there is, Oprah would have known about it by now and shared it as her favorite things.

Anyway, I find that this product really works but being an emotional over-eater, I did slip a time or two. Meaning I kept eating despite feeling full. Believe me I got my reward for that alright, with acid reflux or pedih ulu hati (I think) especially if I take a lot of buns or any flour-based or 'yeasty' foods. Its so not fun and not worth the pain. So you see, product like this can help you but you still need will power and make good food choices in order to really lose weight.
I haven't weighed myself yet so I am not sure if I have actually lost weight but I do feel that my clothes fit me slightly better. We'll see in a month.
As for my job, well today is my 3rd day on the job and I am already stressed. I have gone to see the GM for a redrafted programme review, barely learned to use Microsoft Outlook for internal email (and email etiquette on top of it) and Skype. I've written 2 articles, chosen photos for the articles and printed and reprinted what seemed like hundreds of changed programme copies. Its a bit hard for me because this is a detail oriented job whereas I am not a detail-oriented person.

A dot, comma or missing alphabet can result in wastage from reprinting. Sakit jiwa okay. Sayang bah tu kertas. Bila it is all because of me lagi jadi gitu terus tambah2 agi rasa stress. I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days I will get nightmares of alphabets, full stops and commas coming after me with pitchforks. I know, I cant really complain. After all, I did ask for this job right? I did want to break away from Finance right? I do want a bigger pay to improve Sophie's future right? I did want to learn something new right?

Missing Sophie is not helping either. I really need to focus on this job but I keep thinking about her, wondering what she is doing, if she is sleeping or eating well, looking at her photos and videos, etc. On top of all this I just found out that I lost my pendrive with all of my photos in it. I remember using it yesterday and taking it out of the USB Port. I think I did put it in my bag but this morning I couldn't find it. I just hope that it got misplaced in the car or at home and not here at the hotel. While I don't have anything incriminating on it, I certainly don't want it to fall into the hands of irresponsible people. I can't wait to go back home and look for it.

Oh well, I guess this is all for now. Thanks for reading..

P/S: I am in no way or form affiliated with DCL. I bought this product with my own money and my comments on it are fully my own from my experience.