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Sunday, September 23, 2012

September Updates..

Hello hello..
How are you? Again long time no see.. Since I am sure by now you are done with my apologies and such, let me just cut to the chase on my updates.

First, I got a job interview at the Pacific Sutera Hotel for the position of MarCom Coordinator. Went into the hotel lobby and waited for the director to meet me when I looked down and saw that I had on my Ah Soh's comfy shoes instead of the pointy-toed, stylish kitten heeled I planned on wearing. Good thing she took her time coming, I managed to call boo and make the switch (the shoes were in his car). I am sure the doorman laughed at me but had the decency not to show it.

Did I get the job? Doubt it. The director expressed her hesitancy to giving me the position since it was time consuming, fast-paced, etc. and since I had a 6 moth old baby and am a single mom, she didn't think that it was the job for me. She did say that she would keep my resume and recommend me if there were any other vacancies on the property in the future. Right. Went to the car, cried and was depressed for a few days but got over it. Have yet to apply elsewhere but will do in due time.

Secondly, I am planning to finally take up a makeup course. Since I have an unhealthy obsession for cosmetics, I might as well acquire the skill needed to use them and make moolah. I have been cutting back because I'm short on dough and Sophie has now started to eat. Ah, but buying cosmetics is just so thrilling. I miss it. I have a feeling that If I buy something now, it would be like water bursting through a dam. Buy! buy! buy!. I come, I see, I buy. The Marilyn Monroe collection from MAC is coming out soon. If Malaysia carries it I am so gonna die. But the collection that I am really looking forward to is the Archie's Girls  Collection.

Some Sophie updates. My wee little minikin can now sit on her own and crawl. When once upon a time a fortress of pillows can keep her safe, she now just climbs over them. She has mood swings now, smiling and happy for a few hours then being quiet and grumpy the next. I think (and hope) that this is due to her teething. She can also grip things better now, picking things up instead of just grabbing at things being given to her. I bought her a set of rubber duckies to distract her since she loves to grab at her washcloth during her bath time. She has begun to show preference in her meals and toys now. Ah, mama's baby is growing up so fast.. Will definitely miss her toothless grin..

 This is all for now folks. Cheers!