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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My First Experience Attending A Concert

Hi all,
Last Saturday I attended the hitz.fm Birthday Invasion and it was the first time I had ever been to a concert. Laughable, I know. There I was, a 26 year old mother, surrounded by screaming teens and tweens. Being a quiet person did not help my cause either. I just couldn't find it in me to jump up and down screaming as I'm not an ardent fan of any of the bands. *Not because they were not good, it's just that I haven't really listened to their music. I'm not much of a radio listener after all, I only listen to the hitz.fm Morning Crew on the way to work* The only time I actually cheered was when Natalie (hitz.fm DJ) came on stage. I love it when she does the ads on radio because she is so funny.

I was there for work actually. I had debated whether on not to go because if I didn't I would be able to go back to Keningau and see my Sophie sooner. In the end after a long debate with my concience I decided to go, cause I'm responsible like that. *Feel free to puke, lol* As I was standing there with the flashing lights and kick-a** music, I took in the crowd around me. Most of what I saw were teenage girls holding hands with their boyfies, dramatically winged black eyeliner with bright lips wearing sexy clothes (I think I saw one of them not wearing a bra). All of them were jumping, screaming and pumping their fist to the music.

While the scene around me made me dread the day when Sophie would be old enough to go to a concert, I did try to think of how I would have felt if a teenaged me had the opportunity to go to a concert of my fave band like Backstreet Boys *Don't you DARE snigger at me*, Green Day, Blink 182 or Linkin' Park. Most probably I would have done the same thing and acted the same way. I mean, although I didn't know any of the bands or their songs, I did get a bit excited when I got the chance to take a photo with Moots! from Pop Shuvit and JJ and Ean from the hitz.fm Morning Crew. The pics were very dark though sebab lupa guna flash. Punya sayang kan? The only decent pic is of me and JJ taken earlier during the concert.

Let me just say that JJ is such a nice guy. He was very accomodating to his fans and when I signaled at him to take a pic together he came. He could have just pretended not to see me but he didn't. Nda cukup dengan tu I asked for him to call Ean as well and he did. Sweet kan? Hehehe... Ean was accommodating as well so from those encounters I would say that I am officially a fan of them both. I would have cheered and jumped when they finally came on stage but by then I was already tired so I just grinned from ear to ear. Lol.

There was an embarrassing cum funny incident. Me an a colleague thought that with our VIP tickets we could access to 1st floor balcony overlooking the concert. Mula2 masuk Ice Bar sebab ingat ada tangga dalam sana yang boleh access pigi di balcony tu. Sekali orang dalam bar tu cakap tangga tu di luar. So we walked on and on looking for the stairs when we suddenly realised that there were a lot of the performing band members around us. Kenapa ya?

Rupa2nya we were in the backstage area. Bila sedar tu serious ndatau apa mo buat. Mo lari susah, mo stay macam nda sesuai. Tup, tup a lady asked us if we had backstage passes and when we said no, we were thrown out. Cis, bikin malu. Bukan sengaja pun pegi masuk backstage. Kakak Rela yang jaga the area pun kasi biar kami masuk. Nasib la kami berdua ni bukan hardcore fans of Grayson Chance kan, kalo tidak habis sudah tu kakak Rela kena pecat kalo kami serang Grayson. Lol.

Oh, by the way, you can view the pics I took on my Instagram Phoebe_Sophie and I will come back to this post and put in some pics of Grayson Chance performing. Just wanna put up this post up first because nanti too long overdue since the concert so stay tuned for that okay.


P/S: I went home that night with aching thighs from standing too long. Is that a sign that I was getting too old to be attending concerts. Huhuhu...