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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Officially Jobless

Hello there..
As of January 15, 2013 I am officially jobless. Let me just start off by saying that I have no problem with the company at all. I resigned on my own accord due to unfortunate circumstances. As much as I loved what I was doing, loved the privilege of being part of the company, etc.there was no mutual benefit for me to stay. I wasn't getting what I needed especially since I had zero experience in the field and that greatly affected my work performance.

Initially I felt sad at losing such a well-paying job. The pay had not only enabled me to pay off my financial commitments and provide for Sophie, it had also enabled me to put aside money for both me and Sophia's savings. However, I take comfort in the fact that all of this was meant to be. I was meant to get the job, meet the people I did, and yes, I was meant to only work there for a short time. I know that there is something good in the experience for me. I just hope that I have learned all that I needed to in that experience (InsyaAllah) so that I wouldn't have to go through the same situation again in the future (Nau'dzubillah).

I am glad to get a fresh start in the earlier part of 2013. Now I am just looking forward. I don't really have a plan that is set in stone. I just want to lay back for a while at the moment and recover as well as dive into myself to discover who I really am, undefined by my work or any other external factors. I would also like to get in tune to my spiritual side and build a better relationship with Allah SWT. I know that good things will come my way this year insyaAllah.

I am currently thinking of my new year's resolution. I know, I know, it's already the middle of the month, etc but it's never to late to resolute and make good changes in one's life eh? Might do a post on my New Year's resolutions next.

With that being said I wish all of you working people happy working and enjoy your lunch break. Cheers!