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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ramblings of A Smitten (Demented) Mother..

Hello hello...
Okay, I am about to launch into a rave about Sophia's progress and if you're not into such stuff, feel free to click the 'X' button okay. I won't take offence. As you may know, I spent about a week at my hometown to be with my princess Sophia. She will be 11 months by this coming February 5, 2013 and I am sooo amazed by her learning progress.

She loves to stand and climb. She could actually climb up the couches all by herself! Masalahnya she hasn't learned how to get down safely be herself yet so we really have to keep an eagle eye on her at all times. She also could pick things up while standing now. She would hold on to the coffee table's rounded edge and bend/squat down to pick the object up. The most amazing thing to me is that when she can't reach an object because it is almost under the table, she would stand back up, adjust her position by taking a step back and bend down to try again. She actually could figure that out!

One of our morning and evening activity would be me playing hide-and-seek with her. I would run to hide behind one of the chairs and she would run after me in a baby walker *I know some people disapprove of the usage of baby walkers. Don't judge me, I will tell you more on the baby walker in a later post*. There are 2 single sofas with a coffee table in between them. I would run and hide in one of the sofa and when she 'catches' me I would jump up and run to the other sofa to hide *such a good form of exercise for me, I tell you* . On the first day she went with the motions but by the 2nd day, she actually figured out that she could 'catch' me by peeking in between the coffee table at me instead of running around to the other side of the sofa! Pandai pula dia cari shortcut. Lol..

One of her upper front tooth has popped through her gums, making it her 3rd tooth so far.

She doesn't like being in the baby cot 'cause she cant crawl freely but when I let her out she would go into the places where she shouldn't be. Tempat yang tidak boleh pigi la yang dia paling suka mo explore. Barang yang tidak boleh pigang la yang dia paling suka mo pigang. I will be honest, taking care of an active 11 month old is quite tiring. Itu belum lagi pandai bjalan sama blari kan. I really have high respect for both SAH (Stay At Home) and working mothers who juggle work, toddlers and housework. I don't know how they could manage. Belum campur urus husband. Kalo ada baby kecik lagi? Pengsan. I guess what gets mothers through are their love and devotion to their child(ren) and family as a whole.

Anyway, here are Sophie's current photos:

Duta Coach..

Sophie the burrito baby.. 

These are taken from my Instagram. I don't have many new photos of Sophie because dia pantang nampak handphone and camera, mesti mau pigang. Bila sudah pigang tu nda mau lepas. Kuat betul tangan dia. Sigh.. 

This is all for now folks. Thanks for reading this post. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and 'Like' my Facebook Page (Phoebe_Sophie for all 3). I am also on NuffnangX. Cheers!



StellaClaire-Richard said...

what an awesome blog :)

Phoebe said...

Hello Stella..
Aw, that's so sweet. Thank you for dropping by my blog.. ^^