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Friday, February 28, 2014

February Haul: Loopy About Lipsticks (Among Other Things)...

Helloooo everyoneee!

This month I discovered that Revlon has released their Colorburst Matte Balms and when I swatched them I was immediately hooked! And you know what? It started a whole obsession towards lip products as you will soon see.

I also did a bit of long-distance shopping. Nope, not online shopping but literally long-distance shopping. My sister went to KL for almost a week you see, so tu la ambil kesempatan minta beli brands yang tiada di sini. So without further ado, let's get to the haul shall we?

First up is my KL haul. Initially I had asked my sister to get me Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Unfortunately the Sephora she was at ran out of it and so I contented myself with my second choice, Strawberry Milk (Isn't that just the most delicious name?). I also made my sister swatch every shade available there (Jahat kan? Hehehe..) and fell in love with Rocky Mountain Green as well. Bayangkan, even from a long distance I could 'walk' into a store with one thing in mind and 'come out' buying more than I planned. Hahaha..

L-R: Strawberry Milk, Rocky Mountain Green.

L-R: Rocky Mountain Green, Strawberry Milk

Did you spot a Revlon product in there? Yup, it's the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Showy. Why on earth did I have to get it all the way from KL? It's because walaupun ada Watson di Keningau tapi malar abis stock. Tinggal tester jak  and everytime I go to Watsons and see the empty shelf, I'd swatch Showy and want it more than ever so in the end I had to enlist my sister's help to hunt this lippy down. Can you believe Watsons in KLCC pun habis stock?! Nasib di Guardian ada. Just goes to show how popular this shade is and why wouldn't it be? It's so gorgeous!

I love, love you Showy my dear..

Next up is an eye shadow set from Benefit. This is one of the 3 World Famous Neutrals palettes. Each palette contains 2 small pots of creaseless cream shadows and 4 powder shadows. The 3 palettes are Most Glamorous Nudes Ever, Most Sexiest Nudes Ever and Most Easiest Nudes Ever. Initially I had wanted the Most Glamorous Nudes Ever but upon closer inspection it kind of looks like the shades from the Naked Palette. Hence, I decided to go with the Most Sexiest Nudes Ever because I don't really have anything like the lilac and purple color with such finish in the palette. Ini pun after berabis meng-Google reviews on the products baru dapat decide while my sister awaits my answer. My sister is the best!

 T-B: Holy Smokes!, Bikini-Tini (Creaseless cream shadows)

L-R: Milk it, Pause For Applause, Raincheck?, Blingo! (Powder shadows)

And now for my 'local' haul at good ol' Watsons ('Cause that's the only place I could get my makeup fix in this town). As you can see, they are all lip products. I literally went loopy over lipsticks this time. Although it's a bit much but I LOVE them all (with 2 exceptions)! I have been wearing them on rotation every chance I get. In shaa Allah, I will be posting reviews on some of these products in the future. 

Here is the list from left to right: 
01. Maybelline ColorSensational Bold Matte in MAT6
02. Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Finale
03. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless 
04. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Audacious
05. ZA Pure Shine Lips in Apricot Nectar

L-R: MAT 6, Finale, Shameless, Audacious, Apricot Nectar

There you have it, my haul for February 2014. I apologize for the lack of quality in some of the photos. I have tried taking them during the different time in the day but they still come out blurry. At any rate I hope you still enjoyed this post. See you in the next one. Toodles!


P/S: By the way, I have started posting clips of how I put on my makeup for the day on my Facebook Page (Phyllica Robert) so if you're interested to have a look at the them, do visit my page and give it a 'Like'. Thanks!