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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dancing Shoes..

Hi Y'all...
Recently I have been thinking of putting on my dancing shoes again. It's been so long since I've danced and I really miss it. Badan pun super keras sudah ni..

I started dancing in kindergarten. Although my participation in performance and competitions were far between, there was a time when dancing was my life. I miss listening to the music and feeling it flow through my body, making me want to move to the beat.

The reason why I want to start dancing again is because aside from missing it, when I look at my list of interest nowadays in my profiles I don't see a single thing that involves me getting myself off my butt and moving. Last time dancing used to be at the top of the list.

Another thing is because I want my body to be supple and coordinated again. Losing a few KGs wouldn't hurt either. Hehehe.. I'm not an absolute fan of exercise. I have my moments but I get bored easily so at least dancing will make things fun.

I only know how to do cultural dancing though... So this time around when I start dancing again, I want to learn something new, something that I've never tried before, something out of character... Hip hop maybe? Or stomping?

Does anyone know a dance studio or something in KK that teaches this dances? If you do, do inform me. So far I think maybe only the gym at 1Borneo has dance classes but that would maybe cost a bomb...

By the way, this is my inspiration... Shamimi from One Nation Emcee

She was in the same campus as I was.. I just had to mention that.. Hehehe... I've always known that she can sing but I had no idea she could dance! Sheesh! She's dynamite. love her performances.. Who knows, I might be able to dance like that one day.. :)


amy said...

how about ballroom dancing bie?? interested? my sis went for class once a week. you can join her if you like...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

kk banyak ba phy. kgau yg nil :/

Phoebe said...

Amy: That would be fun.. Hehehe.. D mana lah dia pigi?

Manda: Street dance susah sikit kali mau cr oh.. Kalo ballroom bnyk juga yg sy nampak tapi itu pun ndatau mana yg bagus.. Huhu..

amy said...

At damai area.. imperial dance class.. ^_^