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Friday, October 22, 2010

My RM12 Saviour...

What kind of shoes are you into? Do you like flats, sneakers or heels? I love comfort and convenience and because of that, I always choose flats over heels. With that being said it doesn’t mean that I don’t own a pair of heels. I do.. Several actually. This year it occumulated significantly and while I do wear them occasionally, I don’t use them for sight seeing and shopping.

Two days ago I’ve made plans in KK and was to meet my boo after work at his working place there which was quite a distance from the Wawasan Plaza bus stop. For some reason I totally forgot that on that morning as I was getting ready for work and put on a pair of sandal with heels.

Pretty but Evil sandals...

The heel were not high at all but it’s small (kurus) which made walking slightly challenging and this particular pair always, always give me blisters no matter how many times I’ve worn them. The only reason why I haven’t thrown them in the bin is because they’re cute and quite harmless to my feet as long as I only use them to walk short distances like just in the office.

As it turns out I totally didn’t have time to change my sandals after work and went directly to KK after work via bus. It’ was only during my walk to the Tuaran bus terminal did I realize the foolhardiness in my choice of footwear on that particular day. My feet were already starting to hurt.

When I arrived in KK and started to walk the distance to my boo’s office.. Mula2 okay lagi tau, sekali half way mula kengkang sudah sy berjalan. Urang pun tengo sy lain-lain ni sebab sy jalan cepat betul tapi memang nampak saya nda selesa ni. By the time I arrived at my destination trus sy pi kedai kasut yang dekat Bodyshop. Selalu sy nampak kasut2 belas-belas ringgit jak.

My RM12 saviour

Thank goodness I found a decent pair of flat sandals that I could change into. My feet were klling me! Literally.. Blisters all over sudah ni. The best part is the sandals only costs RM12.. I must say I could have used that money for something else if only I hadn't worn those heeled sandals. I certainly didn't need another pair of sandals. Grr... I'm soooo keeping a decent pair of flip flops handy in my handbag whenever I wear heels from now on just in case this happens again... Oh well...