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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Lesson On Indulgence..

Hi y'all...

As I had expected me and boo went to Pizza Hut to try out the 6 Cheese Extreme Pizza (is that the exact name or did I just said it wrong?) and it was sinfully delish! I picked out the topping (which I forgot the name of) and we took the set for two.. Very, very filling. We were supposed to eat 3 slices per person but even after forcing myself, I couldn’t take the 3rd slice so I bagged it and boo bought it home.

Uwaaaa.... Sedap oh...

As for my Starbucks Hot Hazel Chocolate, I did get it but I kind of regretted it. Here’s why:

I’m sure you all know that I’m trying my best to change my lifestyle for the better and that includes trying to establish better eating habits. Three people inspire me when it comes to weight loss and among them is fellow blogger Aidalina of aidathepinkgoddess.blogspot.com. She lost 20KGs okay.

So recently she said in her blog that she drinks her Starbucks Iced Hazel Chocolate drink with low fat milk, less sweet, no whipped cream and less ice with generous sprinkles of cinnamon powder. Since I had been dreaming of Starbucks Hot Hazel Chocolate drink I thought that I would give her specifications a try. Unfortunately it didn’t taste anything at all like the Hazel Hot Chocolate that I love. The difference is like day and night.

The HHC that did not satisfy.. Huhu..

Before I go any further, I am on no account putting any blame on Aida for my dissatisfaction over my Hot Chocolate drink yesterday. Nobody asked me to follow her way of drinking it, I did it voluntarily. So here is what I learned from the experience:

If it’s a craving like Aida’s where she simply must drink it everyday, then one should make the changes that she did because to drink the original Hazel Hot Chocolate, even a tall one, would make you gain weight significantly and very quickly too.

On the other hand if it’s an indulgence, meaning it’s a one off thing or something that you would do once a forth night or so, it’s better to go all out and get the works that won’t compromise on the taste. For example in my case, I should have ordered the original Hazel Hot Chocolate but without the whipped cream and in size Tall which is the smallest size.

By doing that, I still get the full bodied flavor of the drink with less calories and fat. If you compromise on the taste, you’d only end up dissatisfied and resentful because not only do you only have it once in a while, you don’t get to really enjoy it. Worse still you might throw in the towel and ditch your attempts to lead a healthier lifestyle.

That's all for now. Cheers!