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Monday, October 25, 2010

October Pay Day..

Hi all,
Today is Pay Day for government servants so today is the day that ATMs are overworked to death and deposit machines get to ‘eat’ all day long. Taking money out of an ATM just to put it into the deposit machine next to it to pay one’s bills, that’s the life of a working person... Aside from paying bills though, pay day is also a day to indulge a bit.

Parents would take their kiddies to fast food outlets for a treat, women would buy makeup and clothes for themselves and men would go to car accessory shops to add on something to their rides. For me and my boo, we would normally go eat at fast food restaurants or somewhere like Upperstar or Tanjung Aru Beach on pay day.

Yesterday kami sudah nampak dalam newspaper that there is a new Pizza at Pizza Hut that has 6 types of cheese in it. With my boo being a cheese lover, I foresee that maybe today there is a big chance that we might go to Pizza Hut for dinner. Hehehe.. I myself have been waiting to have Starbuck’s Hazelnut Hot Choc drink. Waduh, habis diet out the window. Kahkahkah…

Because of that, today I’m attempting to save my calorie count for those two sinful things. Sengaja sy jalan jauh-jauh pigi Milimewa today at lunch to get some exercise. My usual lunch of soto ayam and a slice of honeydew got replaced with Jacob’s low Salt High Fiber crackers and Strawberry yogurt. Kalo tidak pun jadi pigi makan pizza at least I’ve eaten less calories than usual today kan.. Hehehe..

So what's YOUR indulgence? Whatever it is you choose to do with you pay packet, I hope you have a great time enjoying the fruits of your hard labor. Gee, I can’t believe that I’ve been a working woman for almost 2 years already. Time does fly doesn’t it?


Amanda Christine Wong said...

today is my second payday! i still feel bright and shiny...hehe. my indulgence was the 10 books collection set of the Sookie Stackhouse novels plus the latest novel. rm300 jo! and it was on my mom's credit, so u can say its a pre-indulgence? hehe...n of course i bought new eyeshadow pallettes, buat baju kurung baru etc2. Omg. I think I have a problem.

Phoebe said...

My huge purchase was on MAC (no surprise there). Hahaha.. I would have made new baju kurung if only there's a decent tailor here. Huhu...

Am also looking for Eat, Pray, Love but it's sold out. Sheesh... Best kah the Sookie Stackhouse novels?