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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Yogitree Experience..

I’ve mentioned in my earlier post about my trip to KL that my sister and I went to Mid Valley and decided to dine at the Yogitree Restaurant at The Gardens. The foods were all made from organic produce and I must say that the prices were quite high.

We decided to try it out anyway because the portions of the dishes in the menu looked big. We ordered a steak sandwich because it looked so gooooood with layers upon layers of juicy slices of beef. It costs RM27. Afraid that we might not be able to finish it if we ordered two, we chose to share it and also ordered a molten chocolate cake and green tea to go with it.

After about a 10 – 15 minute wait our sandwich arrived and our jaws dropped, not out of awe but because of shock. Look, we are rational young women okay. We don’t expect the sandwich to be exactly a 100% like it does in the picture. I know when foods are served it can look slightly different but in this case it was like a different sandwich altogether.

 It looked nothing, absolutely NOTHING like the picture in the menu. There was only one layer of beef and tons of watercress (which my sister and I are not into). It looked like they only gave us 1/3 of the sandwich. It was simply too outrageous especially at the cost of RM27.  

Although we were feeling cheated and short-changed, we tried to calm down and assumed that maybe this thin, water cress stuffed thingy wasn’t ours. Surely there was a mix-up right? So we called the waitress who served us and asked her if it really was the steak sandwich that we had ordered and she affirmed that it was. My sister became livid and complained.

The waitress gave some half wit excuse that it looked different because of the way it was cut. In the menu it was not cut into triangles but our sandwich was. I gaped at her and said that a 2 year old can see that the way the sandwich was cut has absolutely nothing to do with it and everything to do with the total lacking of their organic beef (read with dripping sarcasm).

She offered to take it back to the kitchen and bring us an uncut version but we decided to just cancel the order. It simply wasn’t worth the effort and wait especially since the only difference would be it not being cut into triangles..

Our molten chocolate cake and green tea arrived minutes later. The cake was so, so small and not even remotely worth the RM12 it costs. As for the green tea, it was served in a small (read: tiny) brown clay teapot with two itsy bitsy Chinese teacups that only little girls under 5 years old can use to play tea party with.

I had thought that the green tea was free, like at Sushi King (my bad) so I just sipped delicately on my tea, made a face at the bitter taste and pushed my teeny tiny cup away from me. However, when I saw the bill my eyes almost popped out of my head and ran (not roll) out the door. The green tea was RM7! I immediately downed the remaining tea in my cup and poured another shot.

I no longer cared about the bitter taste I just wanted to get my money’s worth. The both of us managed to get 2.5 tiny cups of tea between us before not a drop more came out of the spout.  Both my sister and I looked at each other, still grimacing from the bitter taste and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the ludicrousness of it all.

With that experience I personally declare that the Yogitree sucks! is not a place that I will ever set foot in again. Okay, so we knew it was pricey but we were mislead to believe that the portions were like any other expensive restaurants and not like it was made for a person who had done gastric bypass. I’d rather have a Subway sandwich, a chocolate cake from Secret Recipe and Sushi King’s green tea (not just because it’s free but because it doesn’t taste bitter enough to kill).

I wish that I had taken a picture of the steak sandwich served to us and the one in the menu so that you can see what I meant but I was too pissed off. Looking back at the experience, I STILL don't know whether to laugh or pissed off. 

Anyway, cheers people, and beware of the Yogitree (like you'd beware of the Bogeyman)...



Asrih Arif said...

in conclusion, makan restoran biasa is the BEST... i dont really like expensive restaurants coz they dont fulfill my lust for amazing kampong food..

Phoebe said...

True! I've tasted the most amazing dishes in ordinary restaurants. I've totally learned my lesson... Hahaha... :)