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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Makeup Mondays: Bobbi Brown Rose Lip Quad Review.

This is kinda like a series that I'm planning to do for this blog so that I wouldn't have spurts of posts of the same genre. This post is going to be a review about Bobbi Brown's Rose Lip Quad.

These are Limited Editions in terms of the quad form but all the colors in the quad are from the permanent line. This enables consumers to try out four colors of lipsticks at a time and if they like any one of the colors, they can purchase it from the store. It certainly beats burning a hole through one's pocket for four full-sized products.

L-R: Rose Lip Quad, Pink Lip Quad

The Rose Lip Quad is comprised of 4 lipstick (clockwise): Peony Lip Sheer, Brownie Pink Lip Color, Roseberry Lip Color and Tulle Lip Color.

I like all of them but my favorite would be Peony Lip Sheer and Tulle Lip Color. I think the quad is priced between RM80 or RM110. Sorry, I've had this over a year now.

The bummer news is that Bobbi Brown is not available in Sabah, only in West Malaysia, at least so far.. For those who has access to Bobbi Brown counters and are interested on trying out a few of their lipsticks but are not keen on spending a lot of money for full-sized products, keep your eyes peeled for lip quads or similar promotions.

Until the next post. Cheers!