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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Phy and Her Baby...

Hey y'all...

I have recently decided to stop buying makeup. I would love to say that the primary catalyst of this decision is because I suddenly acquired discipline and iron will but the truth of the matter is, I am stopping because I can't afford it any longer. The increase in EPF contributions recently has really affected my income and I literally do not even have room to maneuver or breathe.

The second reason is that I feel that my makeup collection is way beyond the point where I would be able to use all of them up. I have enough makeup to last me 1 and a half lifetimes. I am actually thinking of selling some of it but I'm not sure if there would be any buyers out there especially since they've been used (albeit gently).

I actually had to throw out a liquid eyeliner which I had bought from The Body Shop because it went bad on me and that broke my heart. Not only my money was wasted but I never even used it. That cemented my decision to stop buying makeup and use what I have.

Let's face it, girls love to shop for various reasons and among those reasons is feeling the thrill of acquiring something new. In order not to get bored I figured that I might as well 'shop' in my collection. Believe me, it's big enough for me to forget some of the things I have.

Normally when I like something I will continue to use it until I get bored or 'stumble' upon something else in my collection. Now I want to make a change where I will switch the contents of my makeup bag every once a week or twice a month so that I don't get bored and will be able to use more of what's in my collection.

I've already switched a few things this evening and I present to you the current contents of my makeup bag... 

My makeup bag from L'Occitane 

 Face primer by Revlon

Concealer and powder foundation by MAC 

Makeup base with sunblock by Neogence.

Bobbi Brown Gel liner in Expresso. 

 Eyeshadow base by MAC

 L-R: Rubenesque and Indianwood Paintpot by  MAC 

 L-R: Hot Stone e/s, Nude Beach e/s, Rose LipQuad and Pink Lip Quad

Faceshop Color Nuance e/s in BR801  

 The Body Shop Bronzer in Warm Glow (2010 Autumn Collection)

Heroine Make Kiss Me Volume and Curl Mascara 

My assortment of face and eye brushes... 

 Tweezers and lash curler...

The Body Shop Lip Butter in Sweet Lemon..

MAC Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom

I've invested so much money into my makeup collection that I literally feel like it's my baby. Honestly, if there's a fire I would save my high-end makeup first THEN my important documents. 

If a thug snatches my handbag and my makeup bag with my high-end products are in it, I'd run after him (or her... you just never know these days), save my makeup bag and strangle the little bugger with my bare hands. 

You get my drift...

Anyway, I might make these product switches into a regular post. Feel free to post any questions you might have or review requests on any products that you've seen in this post. Until next time.. Cheers!