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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Phy Feels Like A Drama Queen Whenever She Goes To The Emergency Room..

Okay, okay.. I know I am supposed to complete my 6 day trip to Guilin post. I admit that I have been lagging there a bit. So many pictures to choose from and I no longer have the time to blog since my new boss is like a drill Sargent (Well, he IS an Inspector) I have been going home exhausted every single day. When I get home my Internet connection is busted.

That's my story and I am sticking with it so there...

Anyway, I am currently feeling under the weather. I had experienced the ultimate sore throat ever last night and I had what the locals would call 'Panas Dalam' (Internal Heat?) where my forehead doesn't feel feverish but I was shivering like crazy even though it wasn't that cold. It was so bad that I curled up with socks AND my winter gloves aside from my warm pants and sweater (all in pink I must add).

At last it became so bad that I had to ask for boo's assistance and go to Tuaran Hospital. After almost half an hour of waiting I was eventually called in by the Medical Assistant on duty that night. I described my symptoms and what I was feeling (he barely listened I assure you):

Extreme sore throat (I could barely talk)
Joint pains on my hips and knees
Bloated Stomach

Guess what he did. He checked my throat, temperature, blood pressure and at my insistence, my heart-rate. He said everything was normal with just a slight swelling of my throat. Can you believe that?

Wait, it gets even better! He was writing down my prescription and he told me that I was to collect my gargling and wind-dispelling medication the next day. He also asked if I had any Panadol (pain killer) at home. I said yes and he said just use that.

Which meant that he sent me home empty-handed and no better than before I came. Oh, wait! I know what's the difference. I was RM1 poorer than before I came. And I wasted an hour of my precious time that I could have used for sleeping instead of waiting and feeling half-dead. Seriously?

I just had to ask myself, was I really that sick or was I blowing things out of proportion? Should I have been looked at more closely (figuratively) by the MA or was that really all there is to it? Whatever it is I find that I always feel like a Drama Queen whenever I go into the emergency room.

My first time was when I had diarrhea. The MA (a different one) just sent me off with drinking salt and Panadol after checking me for less than a minute. He didn't even ask me if I ate something out of the ordinary. Imagine if I had contacted with Cholera (Nau'dzubillah) from tainted food or drink and he only administered that kind of treatment.

Oh well.. Today I went back to the Tuaran Hospital to get an MC and when the doctor checked me she said that I had contacted viral throat infection and asked me to come back for a throat swab if my fever still persists after 48 hours and a completing a course of antibiotics. So much for 'everything being normal' huh?


Asrih Arif said...

sore throat with systemic (all over the body) symptoms mana buli buat main2... sometimes can cause kidney problm... yes... go swab if still sakit afterwards... cepat sembuh.. amiin.

Phoebe said...

Thanks Asrih.. InsyaAllah.. Amin... U know, pernah bah budak 11 y/o meninggal gara2 MA administer panadol jak sedangkan the child was experiencing diarrhea... The only son lagi tu.. Sedih owh...

Asrih Arif said...

thats y sometimes i dont understand why MAs are allowed to run clinics (not to mention A&E) in the hosp... adoi... most of them have a very poor knowledge on what's important, urgent or emergency. I bet they have poor understanding on how medications work. 5 years in medic school and look at me, still clueless sometimes about certain drugs. Just imagine MA yang spen 2/3 years jak in college.. hhmmhh

Phoebe said...

Itu la bah tu.. I myself don't understand. If Govt servants didn't have to give priority to seeking treatment at govt hospitals I wouldn't even waste my time going there... Huhu..