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Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Updates.. Super Long Post..

Gee.. I've taken another long hiatus haven't I? Between having a tug of war with boo over who gets to use the lappy and not having a lot of pictures of each event, I felt like I have a lot of events to cover but not a lot to say or show about each event so I wasn't sure if I wanted blog about it or not.

Then again, I miss blogging so much that I decided to write about each event briefly, kind of like a mini update. So here goes, with minimal (if any) pictures and all:

5th May 2011
I was selected to got to the Perhimpunan Khas Pegawai Awam PDRM. To be honest I didn't know what it was about until I got there. It turned out to be a pretty big event. 1st of it's kind actually and was done in grand style. 200 Police Administration Civilian Staff from West Malaysia were flown to Kota Kinabalu for it as Sabah is the host for this year's assembly.

Basically it was a gathering of said Administration Staff working under the Police Department. The TKPN was there instead of the KPN. The President of QUEPACS as well. They were kind of telling us that they have our interest at heart and PDRM is the best place to work because everyone is like family. Yeah right.

Notice the theme of the assembly? "Setia Bersama PDRM".. I'm guessing the fact that lots of civilian staff (from NKRA) applying for transfer and some even willing to quit from working in the Government rather than having to  keep working for the Police has something to do with it.. Anyway, more pictures...

 Farina and moi..

The Police Band.. We made the mistake of sitting too close to them..

Sabah Police Administrations Civilian Staff Union (SPACSU) Logo

7th May 2011
Our Majlis Perpisahan was held on this day at Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort here in Tuaran. As part of the entertainment there was supposed to be a Karaoke session. Turns out there wasn't much time due to mismanagement on the organizing committee's part but they did squeeze in 1 person to sing.. Me.

Being my first time ever singing in front of 200 people on top of a stage, I nearly peed in my pants. The only thing that saved me from THAT embarrassment was the fact that I had gone to the loo only minutes before. I wanted to sing Dan Sebenarnya by Yuna but they didn't have it (seriously? and that song is quite 'old') so I sang Lagenda by Sheila Majid instead. 

So, yeah, as I'm sure my dear friend Amanda would say, I broke my Singing-In-Front-Of-200-People-On-The-Stage virginity with unfortunately zero entertainment aspects as my eyes were quite glued to the screen and did no actions in conjunction to the lyrics. If Ogy was in front of me she would definitely be screaming at me and demonstrating how I should have done it with her non-awe inspiring rendition.  But I did lived to tell the tale so that's something.

Kak Diah and Kak B

 Yours truly

The stage... And people doing the Poco-Poco on the floor in front of the stage..

13 May 2011
Okay, I'm kind of embarrassed to share this because it just occurred to me that there may be a lot of girls out there who are no stranger to doing this. Nevertheless I feel that I have achieved something that I never thought that I could, or rather, would have to do in my life and that is I managed to put on a chain bolt to my bedroom door all by myself! My mum has been pestering for me to do it for months as I am unfortunately renting with a man as one of my house mates. 

Now, before you judge me you should know that in a small district like Tuaran you are left with not much choice for a place to rent especially when you don't have your own transport like in my case. I have to rent above shop lots and as most of the shops in Tuaran are pretty old, the rooms can be less than desirable. This one however, male house mate and expensive rent aside, is perfect in terms of location and it's on one of the newer shop lots.

Anyway, there hasn't been the need for me to put a bolt on the door before. The press lock was sufficient enough. Unfortunately something happened that made me pissed off at having my privacy invaded even if that person felt they had a valid reason to do what that person did. Thus, I decided to just bite the bullet and put up a bolt.  

The outcome of my perseverance. I'm so proud of myself.. Haha..

I must say I almost gave up after 2 screws. My arm was screaming in agony and I was sweating profusely. The door was made of thick hardwood okay.. The only thing that kept me going was the rewards of feeling safe and having my privacy back. It became easier eventually. Who knows, I might be the next DIY Queen. Okay, so I'm getting ahead of myself. Whatever it is, I rock! Oh yeah!

First 2 Weeks of May 2011
 I've been really been tuning to my 'bookwormness' and reading books like there's no tomorrow. I've completed 2 books so far.. I'm the type who can read several books at  a time (I'm impatient that way) so in a previous post I had told you that I was reading the Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn which became quite interesting in the end. Before I completed it though, I laid off it for a while and started to read I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk which is the first of the I Heart Series.

I must say that I heart "I Heart New York"! Pardon the pun.. Hehe.. It's a chick lit obviously and a very light and easy read. Nothing serious, deep or meaningful but it did kept me guessing till almost the end. I highly recommend it for those of you who are looking for a light and entertaining read.

Needless to say, I completed it in 2 days (would have been sooner if I didn't have to work). I am looking forward to buying the next 2 books in the series which is I Heart Hollywood and I Heart Paris. The main character, Angela, is a blogger (which I must admit is why I picked it up in the first place) by the way and if you go to the website here, you will be able to read her blog.

 The site..

Angela's blog..

I'm currently reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love. As before she manages to reel me into her story with little effort and I find that it's one of those books that I can't put down. This time it's about her research on marriage including the history, the customs, the changes in the purpose of marriage throughout the century and the factors that change them.

There is a part that she touched in the book which is about infidelity that I think everyone should read especially married couples and those in a serious relationship. InsyaAllah I will be posting that excerpt in my future, if not next post.

Wow, for someone who doesn't have much to say, I certainly said a lot didn't I? Hehe.. Well, it has been a long time. What with blogger. com having problems the past few days, I'm just glad to be blogging again. Until the next post peeps. Cheers!