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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phy Is Confused..

Okay, so I have made my decision to resign from the Government. Now, my dilemma is the next step from here. Where do I go? What do I do? Boo suggested that I apply for banks here in KK. However to be honest, I am trying my best to branch away from Finance.

I graduated with a Diploma in Business Studies and I studied accounts and finance as much as I studied economics, PR, HR, Sales and Marketing. I'm a bit concerned that if I take up a position in Finance once again, I'll be stuck in that line forever when in actual fact, I am perfectly qualified to take on other line of work.

I attended a friend's elder sister's wedding at Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort last Saturday with my sister and both of us worked there before. After the wedding we took a walk to the new building which was the Ocean Wing and were bowled away at the changes and beauty of it all.

Last week I also met a British young lady who happens to be an English teacher at Tamparuli. She came to the Traffic counter to pay for her parking fines and as we were chatting I felt so happy. I totally felt my hotelier side come out. Suddenly I remember how I used to meet such people everyday.

It made me really miss working in a hotel. Or rather, it made me miss working under Shangri-La at their resorts. It made me miss working in the front line, meeting new people and learning new things everyday. In case you didn't know, I was once a Guest Relations Officer Trainee and I was the happiest I've ever been during those times.

 Bird's Eye View of Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort

How can you not be inspired with such beauty?

I got inspired everyday by the beauty of my then-workplace and I love being surrounded by luxury. I'm a shy person but I managed to break through and make small conversations with guest, show them around, making courtesy calls, etc. Those short two months really did have a deep impact in my life and how I conduct myself.

So, what's the prob? you may ask. If you love it so much just work in the front line of a resort then. Well, the downside to that is the pay. I'm not sure about other resorts but the basic pay for front liners are pretty crappy. And the evening and overnight shifts? I'd need a car, which I won't be able to afford with the measly pay that I would be getting.

I've also worked in the offices of another one of Sabah's local Shangri-La's resorts. The pay was slightly better but not by too far of a stretch. It's office hours though and I figured if I go into the Sales Department, it would be the best of both world's now wouldn't it? Then again, I would still need a car to meet potential customers...

Okay fine, just work in a company that pays handsomely. Yeah, well you see I don't do that well with 4-corner offices or jobs that requires me to be at the offices typing letters all day. Don't get me wrong, I love typing when I'm 'writing' but typing company letters? It makes me feel like my soul is slowly shriveling and dying. No offence to those who actually do this kind of job. Hats off to ya'.

This dilemma has been going around and around in my head. Don't even get me started on whether I should stay here in Sabah or move back to KL. Yeah, as in Kuala Lumpur and not Kampung Luagan. I love Sabah and I sincerely prefer being here in my 'planet' of familiar faces, way of speaking and food than there for all it's glory. I know that I would miss Sabah terribly if I move but unfortunately, the pay is higher there..

Can you imagine how nauseous I feel every time I try to figure things out? Yes, it does look like I am being a bit picky over my next job but I just have a better idea of what I am, what I like and prefer. I want my next job to be something that I won't regret to be a mistake in a few months time. Hardly something that could be guaranteed but still, no harm in trying right?

Gah! Help! I'm so confused. Deciding one's career path is seriously tiring stuff..


Amanda Christine Wong said...

how's furthering ur study sounds to ya? coz i have friends who are stuck in dead end low paying gov jobs who's working hard to get their degree so that they can at least get a better shot for a better gov job. or, save some money to get a car, then go for ur shangrila dream.u could probably get a degree in hotel management while u're at it. THEN u'll get better pay. my suggestion la :)

Phoebe said...

Thanks manda. I've thought about that too. Thing is, kalau full time, no money coming in cause I won't be able to work. Kalau part time study, I still need to get a job that can support me and give room for me to study.

I will further my studies though, it's in my plan but could be later than sooner. :)

Miss Jean said...

Hmm.. ya bha..me too in the same dilemma..being doing the thing that i was supposed to do not the things that i am good at and enjoy... been thinking of career changing too..but yup like you said..its high risk.

Phoebe said...

Scary right Jean? Btw, if you could have any job of your dreams, what would it be Jean? :)