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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wah, So Calerful One!

I swear I have come down with Purchasinus Indecisivikus Syndroma, also known as the Curse of Indecisiveness. It seems to have started when my barely adequate pay was further reduced because of the increase in EPF contribution percentage a few months back. The lack of funds transformed me into a mass of nervous jelly, constantly over-thinking my decisions over my purchases.

Is this a need or a want?
Is this necessary?
I deserve this treat.. But then again, what if I fall sick and need to go to the clinic?
Is this worth the money spent?
Should I buy this over that?

All these questions run rampant on my mind constantly. They may seem like normal questions, smart even. Just what someone who's financially savvy would ask themselves in order to avoid making unnecessary purchases. Thing is, I doubt Suze Orman asks herself those questions when let's say, buying a pack of Strepsils (like I did).

My point is, because of all that stressing I can't seem to make any decisions off the bat. Not even simple ones such as what to eat, where to eat or even what to read. It's awful! This was especially evident to me today when I was asked by boo to pick a wallet. He wanted to treat me to one as my coin purse has been a poor substitute to a for the past 6 months.

Thanks for being my wallet all this while. Time for you to do what you do best.. Being a coin purse..

I would have taken longer to pick one up if my tummy wasn't insistently singing the Gardenia (bread) song. Another reason for me being relatively quick was that as kind and loving as boo is, he, like most men is 'allergic' to shopping. I ran back and forth between the 2 final 'candidates', frantically checking style, versatility and practicality with 1001 question and doubts running through my head.

In the end, I chose the one that I would have overlooked and dismissed as 'not my style' simply because I wanted a change. What's a change in the color choices of a wallet as compared to a change in career right? I must say.. I FREAKIN' LOVE IT! The more I look at it, the more I fall in love with it. I have gone even as far as to name it.

Without further ado I present to you the newest material love of my life, Lila!

 Lila's front view.. Wah, so calerful one!

From the back..

So not my usual choice of color but I have no regrets. Lets just hope my next career choice will have the same outcome. Hehe.. Cheers!