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Monday, May 02, 2011

Imperial International Hotel

Hi all,
Last week I was given the opportunity to attend a work-related course which was held at the Imperial International Hotel for three days and two nights.

I'm not sure what type of room we were provided with but I find my room to be really spacious. You can practically dance and tumble without hitting the furniture and fixtures. The way the beds were arranged helped to make the room look that way I suppose. The overuse of mirrors too. Hehe.. Seriously, there were mirrors everywhere! I'll let the pics do the talking..

From the room door..

The tiny, doorless closet

 The room has a safe, which is opposite the teeny tiny closet

 Can you see me?  

 And another mirror.. Hello!

 The doorless shower area.. 

I do like the shower despite it not having a door. Surprisingly, the water didn't really flood to the outside of the stall. At least, not too badly. The jet is strong and it has one huge shower head that's fixed over head (especially great for washing hair) and another small hand-held one with a unique design for when you don't want to get your hair wet.

The loo's mirrored sliding door.. Told ya there were lotsa mirrors..

The flat screen tv. Has 9 channels including the mandatory local channels, AXN, ESPN, etc.  

 A 360 on the room.. 1st corner: The beds..

 2nd corner: The huge space, coffee table (which looks really lonely) and desk..

 3rd corner.

4th corner

I have nothing to complain about the room except for 2 things. As I as walking to my room, some of the other rooms had the doors open and I saw that they had this really big, red, comfy lazy chair. When I entered my room I saw that my room didn't have it. 

The 2nd thing is that each room doesn't have it's on iron and ironing board. We had to borrow it in turns which was really inconvenient. I noticed some of the course participants from Sarawak going into the conference rooms with creased baju kurungs. Imagine the impression that they would bring with them about hotels in Sabah (even though they only stayed at one hotel, the impression would effect their view in general).

That's about the room. Now let's talk about the food. I must say that the food was really crappy. I've never ever had such a bad experience with hotel food before. It as so low quality that it's embarrassing. The food is almost the same for lunch everyday and they have the tendency to mix the vegetable (which is most of the time, kangkung) with ikan bilis.

As a Sabahan, we all know that the smaller the ikan bilis, the higher the grade and the more expensive it is. The ikan bilis used at the Rooftop Restaurant at the Imperial Hotel were massive! I think it as the lowest grade possible. C'mon, even the poor mak ciks selling Nasi Lemak at the road side use medium sized ikan bilis. They also left the head on which shows laziness in my opinion. The desserts ere divine though, especially the puddings. 

My most unpleasant meal was the last day's breakfast. Now, I must say that the breakfast is okay although a bit repetitive (no one wants to see sausages swimming, yes swimming, in tomato sauce every day no do they?) . I had made up my mind that I was going to try out the porridge. After putting on the condiments (sesame oil,  peanuts, fried onions and black soy sauce) I tried it and I cannot stomach it. It was runny and tasteless despite  the soy sauce. I ditched the porridge for cereal instead.

Big mistake because I had my first experience consuming fake food Koko Krunch. Yup, Koko Krunch 'palsu'. You know, the one with the humongous bag and a tiger in front of it instead of a cute koala. I felt like expiring on the spot. If you want to cut budget, isn't it better to provide fewer high quality options rather than have it all minus the quality? Needless to say, I passed that over too.  

I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures of the food but most of the participants were not the age group that would understand the reason of one's endless clicking pictures of one's food. Or blogs. Or the Internet.. Okay, only joking. About the Internet part that is.

Anyway, in a nutshell, I love the room and the positioning of the hotel which is near to the Filipino Market Handicraft Market, Warisan Square, Center Point and within walking distance to the Wawasan Plaza and the Wawasan Plaza Bus Terminal. The food? I'd rather eat somewhere else. There are a lot of good eating places around the area anyway.

That's all for now. Cheers!