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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Phy Does A Jig..

Hi there,
I was supremely happy that I was selected to got to a talk at Mes IPK this Friday. Unless you're new to my blog, you would know how much I loath my work and that I would be the first to sign up to go anywhere out of the office.

This morning however, Fate intervened. I was sitting at my CC's office and he was on the phone when he suddenly turned to me and said urgently "Can you replace 'N' to go for a course at the Imperial tomorrow?". What he meant by the Imperial is the Imperial International Hotel. Yup, the one I stayed at just last month.

Of course I jumped at the chance but I sincerely thought that it was a 1-day thing because he said 'tomorrow' and not 'starting tomorrow for 3 days' or something along those lines. I really was itching to break into a jig as that would mean I wouldn't have to be at the office for 2 days.

Turns out the course was held for 3 days just like the one before and my 'jig' slowed down a bit when it dawned on me that it would end on Saturday. My weekend has been cut short. Argh!  Oh well, you get some and lose some I guess. And I couldn't say no either as I was the only one eligible to go since I'm a woman and they have already set the quota for male and female participants.

It wouldn't be so bad since I'm not doing much on a Saturday anyway (I mean, duh, isn't that what Saturday's all about?).  I'll be staying in a spacious air-conditioned room with hopefully, a nice roommate if I get one and eating free, albeit crappy, food 6 times a day. So yeah, despite the Saturday thingy, I'm still doing a jig.

This course is organized by Bukit Aman and not KDN like all the previous overnight courses that I had ever attended so I'm not sure what to expect. Let's hope that they are not too strict with dress codes for our night classes. I also hope that the speakers make the course interesting and are not a stuffy lot. And lets just hope that classes finish early on Friday night. Hehe.. Fingers crossed.