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Sunday, June 19, 2011

French-fy Your Eating Habits- Bite 2 (Waddling Is No Fun).

If you've been reading my blog for a while now you would know that my job and pet alien colleague has been driving me up the wall. With that comes stress and when an emotional eater as myself starts to get stressed out, I eat. And eat. And eat. My vice? Anything sweet and potato chips taken a few times a day.

I know it's bad and I know it's wrong. I just felt helpless and stuck in my job and while the solution was staring at me in the face, I didn't have the courage to do what needs to be done. It wasn't until last month that I realized that I couldn't do it anymore and I need to get out.

When that realization hit me, I became anxious and ate some more. I started to make plans and just as I was putting things into motion I stumbled into a few blocks on the road, slowing down the implementation process of my plans. That made me frustrated and I continued my 'dosage' of chocolate and crisps 3 times a day.

It was only last Sunday when I was walking that I realized something funny (not in a haha sense either). It was a few more steps before I realized that I.Was.Waddling. Aaaaaarrrgghhh!!!! No longer am I walking with my signature walk (ahem) but I was waddling. Nooooooooo!!!!

Then there were some photos taken a few days earlier from my trip to Kudat that really enhanced my royal hugeness and I almost died with embarrassment. Okay, okay I know what you're thinking. All this while pun besar takkan baru hari ni sedar?

Here's the weird thing about being overweight. You know you're big but somehow you don't realize just how big. There had been pictures taken of me before but even though I looked at me in the pictures I didn't really SEE myself if that makes any sense.

Her Royal Hugeness..

Anyway, on that same Sunday I started to apply what I learned from the book French Women Don't get Fat. In my last post on this book it was about doing a food journal. Now the 2nd phase is to pin point which foods that we're having in excess and how to cut them down.

We need to ask ourselves questions such as do we really need that much bread for breakfast in the morning?Can I cut down potato chips completely? Do I need at least chocolate once a day or will every other day will suffice? From the food journal we will also be able to see what is lacking in our diet such as not drinking enough water or not eating enough veggies and fruits, etc.

For me I was not eating enough fruits and veggies, I didn't have variety in my diet and I was eating too much chocolate and crisps (surprise, surprise). So starting on Monday (13/06/2011) I started to make some changes. Here's what I did:

- I drink water first thing in the morning.
- I take a spoon of wild honey (from the Gombizau Honey Bee Farm in Kudat) everyday either in the morning or at night. It helps to improve digestion.
- I drink 2 glasses of milk daily (Calcium helps to reduce weight too).
- I eat a cup of steamed corn kernels every other day because the natural sweetness curbs my sweet tooth and its an excellent source of fiber.
- I make sure I eat rice for lunch. I fill 1/2 my plate with veggies, 1/4 with rice and 1/4 with chicken.
- I try to eat a piece of fruit a day.
- I cut out potato chips completely.
- I have chocolate every other day on the days when I don't eat corn kernels. I usually take the 2-finger Kit Kat instead of the 4-finger one.
- I try to walk more than 5000 steps a day (my cell has a build in pedometer)

I'm glad to say that so far I do not crave chocolate too much because of the corn. Passing motion is a breeze and every single day now. I feel more alert and don't feel sleepy in the middle of the day. It has only been 1 week and I am hoping that I will be able to keep up with it even on bad days.

For next week I aim to:
- Walk more than 6000 steps a day.
- Take muesli for breakfast at least every other day. If I could eat it everyday even better.
- Jog every other day.
- Eat dinner no later than 8pm. I know, I know people say eat before 7pm but I'm doing this one step at a time.

As you can see I'm making slow and gradual changes so that it would be permanent. Personal issues need to be addressed as well because that's what always makes me fall off the band wagon.

That's all for now. Cheers!