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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Steps Forward And One Step Back...

I wen to Herbalife again on Sunday,cringing at what the numbers might read. I have been exposed to 'naughty' foods since the eve of my birthday (cake), on the day itself and the day after as  well. I didn't get to run on Wednesday because of technical problems and I didn't get to run on Friday as well during the week of my birthday. I tried my best to chose the healthier options and limit my portions (most of the time) and here are the numbers:

Weight: 71.6KGs
% of fat: 39.6 
% of water: 44.2
Muscle mass: 40.7KGs
Physical Level: 3 
Metabolism: 1376
Biological age: 50 
Bone mass: 2.6KG
Visceral fat: 8

All in all it's not really that bad. It could have been worse if I had not controlled myself so I am quite at peace with it. I would be lying though if I say that I am completely unfazed. I did not want to go through the disappointment of losing and gaining weight again so I threw myself into my jogging that evening pushing myself further.

Yes, I must admit that seeing the numbers rise made me think about not wanting to eat another morsel but I try to get past those feelings because it's not good for my emotional health. Not eating will make my body go into starvation mode by holding on to my storage of fat, making it harder to lose weight which I don't want.

I was supposed to go jogging yesterday but it rained and today I came down with fever and flu. I read somewhere that one shouldn't exercise when sick because it exerts the body when the body is supposed to be resting to recover from illness. Argh, it's so frustrating!

This is all for now friends. My next weigh in will be on this Friday I think, insyaAllah... Wish me luck!