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Saturday, June 18, 2011

June Updates, Another First Experience And The Law of Attraction..

Hi all...
Sorry for the long hiatus.. I hadn't been well for the 1st week of June. Me and boo came down with diarrhea for 4 days when we ate kerang bakar in Salut road side. We also drank kelapa bandung where the bandung drink is made with coconut water and served in a coconut shell with it's flesh intact. Both the kerang bakar and bandung kelapa were sooooo delicious. I would go there again, only maybe next time armed with Chi-Kit Teck Aun pills. Hehe..

The next day after our drive to Salut, we went to Kudat once again. This time it was planned and we took the time to check out the Gambizau Honey Farm and the Rungus Long House. Best!! The floor of the long house freaked me out though. I felt as if it was not strong enough to support my body weight and the gaps on them made me paranoid that I would accidentally poke my toes through one of the gaps and fall.

 Admission is RM5 for local adults..

 The honey bee 'houses'..

 Our guide smoke the bees using dried coconut husks so that they won't attack sting us visitors..

 Freaking out inside...

 Unfortunately 'honey season' is in July and August so we weren't able to see how honey looks like in the comb.

 Rungus Long House..

 It's actually a lodge..


A few of the Rungus ladies selling beaded handicrafts 

 Correct me if i have the name or spelling wrong but this is a traditional game called Tonduo Dazai wich when translated means 'figure it out yourself' or 'fikirlah sendiri'.. The objective is to free the string from the interlocked ratan.. 

The door to the individual rooms of the lodge..


Aum... Bahahaha... 

Inside the rooms..

The gaps on the floor had me walking gingerly across it to get to the other side of the house..

The common kitchen..

Our third destination was of course Simpang Mengayau. We were quite tired by this time and almost didn't go but decided to do so anyway because the first time we did it rained and to be honest, it was quite a miserable experienced. Boy am I glad that we went the second time around.

The weather was a total opposite from our first trip. I was soooooo hot? The blistering heat even prompted me to buy an ice cream Drumstick despite it being sold double the price. Despite all that, the scenery looked gorgeous. When the sun's rays reflect off the sea (something to be enjoyed only with a pair of sunglasses on), it looked like precious stones. 

The agonizing walk to the 'tip' from the parking lot. Actually, it's the walk BACK to the parking lot that's extra painful because of the blistering heat.

The light house in the distance..

 See how shimmery the water is?

 Macam iklan pula tau...

Sy pun mau buat iklan juga.. 

Aisehmen.. Jangan marah haa...

I wore the wrong type of footwear to Simpang Mengayau lah.. If I had worn sturdier shoes I would have been able to go down right to the water's edge.. Huhu.. After Simpang Mengayau we went back home, exhausted but very satisfied. Thank you boo...

On the 9th I had my first experience of being run over by a car.. Okay, that was embellished. Actually, my left foot got run over by none other than Crystal, boo's car. Boo asked me to warm up his car. It wasn't the first time for me and I usually check to see if Crystal's gear is free before starting her up because I was paranoid of starting her and her gear wasn't free that she would suddenly start moving by herself.

On that particular day I didn't check the gear and simply started Crystal. Guess what? She DID started to move on her own. I screamed for boo as I ran alongside her trying to get to the keys but I was caught in a bush and fell. My left foot then got run over by Crystal's right back tyre. 

Boo ran up to me and wanted to help me but I yelled as him to stop Crystal because she was moving towards a ditch. He caught up with her, dived in through the front passenger door My heart was truly in my mouth as I  watched both of them moving closer and closer towards the ditch before Crystal mercifully stopped literally 2 feet from it.  

It turned out that Crystal was in 1st gear and the handbrake wasn't pulled up. It never happened before and I guess boo was really tired or had his mind elsewhere when he switched off the engine. It really chilled me to think of what might have happened if boo hadn't managed to stop her in time not to mention the cost of repairing her.

As for my foot, it hurt like hell. I was lucky that none of the bones were broken even though my foot was in a slanted position when it got run over. I just had a limp for a few hours and after that could walk like normal. I only experienced a bit of swelling on the day of the incident. Although I must say, I still feel a bit of pain on my foot when I press the area that was injured now. Huhu...

So that's all for now. Stay tuned for more posts.. Cheers! 


Amanda Christine Wong said...

i stayed in that rungus house too! modern kan toilet dia...haha..btw, the tip of borneo is just a sight isnt it? i could just lay on the rocks forever!

Phoebe said...

I didn't stay at the Rungus Longhouse, I just visited. Hats off to you girl! Comfortable juga kah? Mozzies?

Ya, I love Simpang Mengayau. I stood there a good 15 minutes just gaping at the beauty of the waters. That's why I was so bummed at wearing flimsy sandals. I could have gone down to the very bottom if I had shoes on.