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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Unwrapping The Most Perfect Gift Ever...

I must say, I had planned for my 25th birthday to be special but I didn't expect things to turn out the way it did.. The plan was that boo and I would have a quiet dinner at a nice restaurant that he picked out. I was expecting somewhere like Upperstar (a favorite place of mine) and had already planned what I was going to order (grilled salmon).

We were on our way to (what I thought was) Upperstar when boo asked me to unwrap his present. It was a big, flat box in a rectangular shape. Heavy too.. I started to tear (yup, I'm un-ladylike that way) the pink wrapping paper. Boo was saying that it was a makeup set. Then he said it was a game.

I finally got to the box and... I saw the word 'Acer' and stopped totally dead. Shock and disbelief washed over me in waves and I turned to see boo smiling. Tears started to fall down my cheeks and I was quite speechless. Boo urged me to keep on tearing unwrapping the gift.

I continued, and the paper revealed the picture of a laptop. A notebook actually. I trembled even more, whimpered and started to bawl my eyes out. Boo was laughing and continued to urge me to open the box. “Who knows, it might be something else,” he said with twinkling eyes.

I opened the box to find pulled out a notebook, but not just any notebook. It was the Aspire One Happy notebook model in pink color! I nearly died then and there. I pulled it out and boo started telling me about the features but only half of it registered into my brain.

It is simply just beautiful, all shiny and new in all its glory. Naturally I was crying even harder. I just felt so touched by all the thought and effort he put into his gift. I had mentioned that I was planning to buy my own notebook so that I can blog (I have been borrowing boo's notebook and going to cc's all this while) anytime I wanted to.

I really didn't expect boo to fulfill my dream of owning a notebook. It is the most perfect present ever. Not only can I now blog from it, it's also so lightweight and thin so I can bring it with me wherever I go. On top of it all, it's pink!

Oh, but the surprise wasn't over yet. Boo turned the car into the Venetian at Penampang. Turned out he brought me to the Venetian's restaurant named the Tasty Wok for my birthday dinner instead of Upperstar as I expected. It looked so posh too and I was pretty impressed. And yeah, I cried some more.

The funny thing is boo told me that when I started crying he thought that I hated his present. Can you imagine? How on Allah's earth could I have loved something that I have been coveting to have for years now? I guess my incomprehensible blubbering didn't help either.

I know I wished for an iPad 2 but with such a presentation, who cares about the iPad 2 now? Certainly not me. I would pick boo's notebook over it and I really mean it.

By the way, the Tasty Wok was excellent. The food is really delicious, even a simple dish like sweet sawi cooked with garlic. The prawns (from the top 10 dishes at RM10) cooked with dried chillies and cashews was reminiscent of a dish I had eaten during my Guilin trip. The Seafood Cheese Omelet is to die for and the fried chicken (also from the top 10 dishes at RM10 list) was really nice.

Great tasting dishes with affordable prices and a beautiful ambience. What more can one ask for right? 

After our dinner we were joined by boo's cousins and some of our other friends. We had a total blast! Like I said, I wanted my 25th birthday to be special and it really was. The perfect gift, a delicious dinner and being surrounded with friends.. I have not felt this happy in a long, long time. I think I'll take this as a good omen for my future.

Winky the pinky notebook..

Thank you boo, for all the effort and thought that you put into my birthday celebration. You have gone above and beyond. I love you so much.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

wow! i need to show this post to my bf! :D

Phoebe said...

Hahahaha.. Wei, he had flowers delivered to you on V-day mah... Romantic bah tu.. Hehe..