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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Do You Believe In Horoscopes?

Hello peeps..
Yes, yes, long time no see. I'm so sorry *Sob sob* (TT). It's just that the Internet has been really slow lately and I've missed my weekly indulgence at the cc due to being unwell and lack of transport. Story of my life.

Anyway since the Year of the Water Dragon came around, there has been a kind of frenzy surrounding it. This year is said to be a good and prosperous one and it seemed that wedding venues and hospitals are being booked to the max in China for weddings and childbirth. *Don't take my word for it though because I heard this from a friend* 

All these predictions of good prosperity and health has made me think about horoscopes and how it can affect people *such as making couples working hard at making babies. The men are surely smiling from ear to ear from now until the month of March 2012*.

Are you the type of person who religiously believes in, pores over your Lilian Too Feng Shui handbook/English horoscope manual and let it dictate every move you make? *"Oh, sorry my love but I can't go on a date with you tonight. My Venus is tip-toeing over the Milky Way and it's bad luck for me to be around people for the next 12 hours"* Or are you a disbeliever who thinks that horoscopes are a waste of time and that anyone who believes in it is a fool and a half?

For me personally, I like to think myself as being in the middle. This is simply because I feel that there are uncanny truths about the characteristics of my sign (I'm a Cancer and Tiger by the way) and some predictions can be spot-on. I am guilty of reading my horoscope at the back portion of my magazines and there are still times when I compare my sign with my crush's *Oh, Horatio Caine!* or a significant other's. Juvenile, I know. *Stop giggling, you do it too and you know it* (^^)

I always take the good *"Yay, it says that money will come rolling starting in March!"* or the coincidences *"No wonder I'm in a bad mood the past few days, it's written in the stars!"* and reject the bad *"What, it says that I will lose money in an investment? Pish posh! This is cr*p"*. I don't let it control my life though. Or at least I try not to let it. Seriously.

I do feel that horoscopes can help give people hope in their lives, especially Chinese Horoscopes with it's yearly (instead of monthly) forecasts. It enables people to have something to look forward to. As long as it's not supposed to be your bad year that is.

So regardless of whether you are a hard-core believer of horoscopes, an equally hard-core disbeliever, or even a neutral person like yours truly *cough*, I wish you all Gong Xi Fa Chai and cheers to a prosperous year ahead. Wassalam.

Lots of Love,