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Sunday, January 05, 2014

End Of The year Recap: Happy, Happy, Happy New Yeaaaarrrrr!!!!

Happy New Year peeps!

Omaigod, I miss this blog sooo much! Sebenarnya lama sudah bah sy mo update ni blog but I just switched jobs and it is uber challenging. The past month has been spent trying to learn the ropes and I had to literally do it all on my own with lots of trial and errors.

Satu lagi sebab kenapa I haven't updated this blog is because I had promised in my previous post that I would be posting about my KK beauty haul and makeup switch ups. I had wanted to fulfil that promise dulu bah sebenarnya sebelum posting about other things tapi I whenever I come back from work I am always exhausted physically and mentally. Sampai no mood to do anything than watch tv because that requires the least effort to do. Hence, tertangguh2 la my blog update sampai last2 tidak pun tepost pasal tu haul and makeup switch up.

In the end, I just said "Persyaitonkan itu semua", and did this post because c'mon la, berapa haribulan sudah ni kan? So let's get into the my summary of 2013.

1. Lost A Job
I was forced to resign from my job at a 5-star hotel due to office bullying. It was such a heartbreaking experience for me. Don't really want to get into too much detail into this one.

2. Sophie's Birthday Party
We celebrated Sophie's 1st birthday party and it was my 1st time hosting a party. I was so out of my element but we had a great time anyways.

3. Was Unemployed For 8 Months
Oh my, this was the most bitter pill to swallow. Yang best tu lenggang la, free time banyak. Tapi duit yang tiada. While everyone else is going on holidays and buying the latest gadget, I was cringing when my basic necessities ran out. When you have financial commitments lagi, being unemployed is the absolute worst position to be in. 

4. My Cousin Got Married
My cousin got married and paid for me and my family to stay at the hotel of their reception for 2 nights. Thank you cousin! I really liked a lot of the elements that they did for their reception. Kalo ada rezeki dan jodoh, maybe ada la ambil inspirasi dari their wedding ni. Hehe..

5. Experienced Working Overnight Shift
I experienced working overnight shift and did so for almost a month. I hope that I never have to do it again. Teruk eh. No life ni. Siang tido, malam bangun macam vampire. Sudah la memang tidak minat menda Twilight, vampire apa semua. Megunsamang jak. Huhu..

6. Got My Current Job
Actually kan, my current job ni I applied since April lagi bah tapi bulan October baru kena call in for an interview. I have no experience whatsoever in this field and the areas of my responsibility lagi memang luas. Sometimes I feel like I have been thrown into a 12-feet deep pool sedangkan sy baru pandai floating. Apapun, I am here and still standing (albeit,barely). Pray that I will be able to learn the ropes of my job affectively and ASAP ya. Thanks.

7. Lost Weight
I finally lost some weight. Granted it is 4Kgs, tidak la banyak sangat. When I first started my current job, I was already eating less and exercising by jogging everyday. Tambah lagi dengan kerja yang banyak berjalan, I lost 3Kgs in 2 weeks. I continued to lose the weight despite taking a hiatus from running due to ankle discomfort. Initially I thought that it was because I have reduced my intake of 3-in-1 beverages but my sister said that it could be due to work-related stress. Entah la.. Yang penting, sy boleh muat jeans lama. Hehe..

So there you have it, my summary of the year 2013. I have yet to make New Year resolutions this year. Not sure if I will. The only thing on my mind as of now is togo beyond.Go beyond mysels and what I think I can do.

How about you, what's your New Year resolutions?