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Friday, January 10, 2014

What Does Sashimi, Rose Tea and Belacan Have In Common?

Hello there,

Recently, I had the opportunity to see how my place of work prepares for a VVIP stay for the first time. This Dato' X ada la request a few items and let me tell you, we worked hard to make it available. Sambil2 kerja tu terus terimagine ni, macam mana la kehidupan orang VVIP ni ah? Mesti best kan, travel p mana2 blh guna helly/jet, tinggal hotel dapat special treatment, etc.

Terus imagine lagi, if I am a VVIP staying at a hotel, what would I request for ya? (Perlu meh minta2 baru ada gaya VVIP? Ish ko ni Phy) Last2 I came up with this list:

1. Anchor butter (unsalted please), honey and plain soft rolls. Sedap gila tahap 13.
2. Salmon sashimi (Tengo tempat la kan. Kalo d KK tu logic lagi. Kalo minta Salmon sashimi di Keningau memang mo minta kena maki).
3. Rose tea (Ditto. Kali KK pun tiada ni benda).
4. Shelled Pistacchio nuts (Ni pun mo minta kena tampar punya request).
5. Sambal belacan from Papar (Cheh, no 1 sampai 4 macam high-class, tiba2 keluar cerita belacan).
6. Rose scent spritzed in the room.
7. Calming music to be played (You know the ones used for meditating yang ada bunyi air terjun, burung2 berkicau dengan ayu, etc).

Pretty simple right? Nowhere close to 7 dulang jantung nyamuk or anything like that (Shame on you Puteri Gunung Ledang). Best juga fikir ni benda. It made me evaluate apa yang sy suka, tidak suka, etc. You guys should try it, it's fun.

So tell me, if you are a VVIP what would your requests be?