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Thursday, January 09, 2014

First 2014 KK Trip

Hello there,

Whenever I go to KK, my stops are always the same. Tempat wajib? Suria Sabah and 1Borneo Hypermall. Yes, very predictable. The stops pun pretty much the same. MAC Cosmetics (1Borneo), Sasa, Starbucks, Sushi Tei (Suria Sabah) and a recent one, The Face Shop, are must-visit spots for us. This trips however, ada sikit kelainan. Sikit jak la, nda banyak.

For one thing I tried Tosai for the first time. It was also a first dining experience at the shop itself, which is CS Curry house, located at Tg Aru Plaza.

Notice the 2 bekas on the table? Such a signature for authentic curry house eateries. That's where they put the dhal and curry. All of us ordered Tosai, me and my aunt plain ones whereas my sister had the onion and egg one. Drink wise we ordered Teh Tarik Masala, Teh Tarik Madra, and plain old tea. Only tea would do it seems when eating Indian food. Hehe..

Another difference this visit is that since, ahem, losing a bit of weight, I have been able to try on some clothes at Voir. Teringat pula zaman2 keja di Putrajaya dulu. Selalu try baju di Nichii. Try sampai 15 pasang baju tapi beli 1 jak. Miahahahaha... Jahatkan? Kadang2 beli juga bah sampai 3. Ah, the good old days. Among the pics in the changing room:

In the end for this trip I just bought a blazer (that was insanely expensive but fit so well and so comfortably that I just had to have it) and 2 pairs of Applemint jeans that were on sale for RM19.00. Branded jeans on massive discounts with my size available? Totally unheard of for me. Really felt like I hit the Jackpot with those finds.

Kelainan yang lain lagi was at Sushi Tei. Normally I would order my fave dishes by default. This time most of the dishes were new to me and I was glad to discover new favourites.

Delicious Salmon Sashimi. So fresh and buttery.

Kaki Mentai Mayo Roll. 

This has deep fried oyster in it and while it is tasty, I don't recommend having this on a date, most especially on the first one. There is simply no way to eat this with your dignity intact. Try it and you will know why. Hehe..

Seafood Gyoza. Okay la but won't be ordering it again.

Last but not least, I present to you, my new fave dish with to-die-for status...

Crispy Ebi Mentai Mayo!

Words can't describe how delicious this is. Prawns and mushroom deep-fried together then topped with cod roe and baked to perfection. Well worth it's price of RM13.80.

Last but not least, we went to Starbucks and I planned on getting their Seasonal Beverage yang Pepermint Mocha. Unfortunately the outlet where we went was out of Peppermint syrup so I had to be content with the Toffee Latte.

How cute is that smiley?

So yeah, that sums up my KK trip for this time with it's differences from the past year. We did go to Sasa but will do that in a separate post insyaAllah. Will also post the outfits I bought on a different social media platform, most probably Instagram, so don't forget to follow me @phylliciarobert.
See you again soon. Toodles!