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Monday, April 18, 2011

Phy: Bookworm Reinstated

Hi all...
All of my life (well, at least ever since I could read) I had been known among friends and families as a Bookworm. All I do is read. All. Day. No joke. I would live in a library if I could.

However, the past few months I haven't been reading a lot of novels. I've been reading a lot of magazines instead. This week something compelled me to pick up a novel that I had been reading half way through which is Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

It had been months since I've read it and I anticipated that I might be a bit lost when I start reading it again. Amazingly, I didn't! It just confirmed what I knew all along and that is Elizabeth Gilbert is a talented writer with the gift to pull you into her story. I felt as if I had only left my book for a few hours instead of a few months. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

The next book is also something that I read a little less than half-way through before having to put it down and it's Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. It's a very easy read but the main character in the book is doing such embarrassing things and getting herself in deeper and deeper trouble that I just had to put it down until I stopped cringing. It took me months to do that too.

I finished reading it on Thursday and was happy that I did because I liked how it worked out. I even shed a tear because I could completely relate to how the main character felt towards the end but it was made right again. I find that the Shopaholic Series have the same pattern in their stories.

The main character would embarrass herself and get into deep trouble, tell lies to cover up and get into more trouble because of it and spin MORE lies to cover that lie and wound trouble tighter and tighter around herself until it becomes unbearable and THEN comes the relief where everything would work itself out. I have a feeling that there would be at least another book in the future for this series.

I'm currently reading the Ivy Chronicles. I bought it at a book fair at 1 Borneo. It was quite a bargain at RM20. Oh, I bought the Mini Shopaholic at that same book fair too. So far I feel that the story is very loose and 'hoppy'.

When I say 'hoppy' I mean that the writer kind of hops over the details of what I would count as the important parts or phases in Ivy's life. It's getting more detailed as the story progresses though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

What novel have you been reading recently? Do share. Happy Monday folks. Cheers!