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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Phy's Essential Items To Go Shopping

Hi y'all,
In today's post I will be sharing with you the essentials that I bring with me when I go shopping. Now, I don't necessarily bring all of these items every time. It really depends on what I'm shopping for and whether I am shopping on a normal day or during crazy sale season. If you want to know what they are, keep on reading..

Spagetti Strap Tank Top
I'm not a fan of showing cleavage so I would bring /wear an SSTT in a basic color (beige, white, black) for when I try on tops that have an overly daring neckline. I find that not all tops with plunging necklines look nice with an SSTT underneath so it helps to have one handy so that I can actually see how it looks together.

The SSTT is also useful during crazy sale season. Just wear it under a cardi and you won't need to wait in line to try on tops in the changing room. You can just take off your cardi and try the top over your SSTT. Just make sure the SSTT is a form fitting one so it doesn't add bulk to your frame by bunching up in odd places under the top.

I don't like sleeveless tops  so if I wear one I would always wear a cardi over it. When I go shopping and see a  sleeveless top that I really like, having a cardi on hand to try over it is very useful indeed. Like SSTT, not all tops look nice with a cardi over it, or at least, with the cardigan that I might have. It helps to see how it looks like together before deciding to buy the top.

Leggings are super comfortable and are form fitting. I highly recommend wearing them when you're shopping for jeans during crazy sales. Why? Just like the SSTT, wearing leggings enables you to try on jeans without going through the hassle of waiting in line to go into a changing room. Since leggings are naturally form fitting, it won't add bulk to your frame so you can try other types of 'bottoms' over it such as shorts, skirts and etc.

Sling Bag
If you don't know what a sling bag is, it's just a bag with really long straps that can be slung across your body. I love using a sling bag while shopping because it free's up both my hands to browse through racks or sift (claw?) through the clothing bins that are forever unorganized.

The straps of the average handbag tends to slide down my arm at the most inconvenient moments and I find it really annoying. A sling bag also allows me to position my bag in front of my body so it's safer and reduces the risk of me being a victim of pick-pockets.

A pair of black heels to be exact. I would only bring these with me when I shop for long dresses or 'bottoms' such as jeans and long skirts. The reason is that I would go shopping with flat sandals or ballerina pumps. If the length seems just right when I'm wearing flats, there is a chance that it would hang a bit awkwardly when worn with heels but not necessarily always. Having a a pair of heels on hand would help me to see how it works out.

When I'm window shopping or am in the mood to experiment, I would try out a ton of clothes (and I mean a ton) with different shapes and silhouettes to see how they look on me. When I find a shape that I like, I would take a picture of me wearing it from different angles as reference. Don't do it openly though, most shops are a bit icky about people taking pictures of their merchandise. Come to think of it, I hope nobody working in retail, especially in Nichii, is reading this blog. Hehe..

This is definitely an essential when you're shopping during crazy sale season. Combing through the racks and going through the clothing bins is not a small feat and could take hours. A snack would helps to fuel me until lunch or even longer.

Bring more nutritious snacks if you're planning on skipping lunch (not advisable, but it's your call). Unsalted nuts, crackers, etc are great snack options. Skip sweet snacks as from my personal experience, they tend to spike your blood sugar level for a limited time then plummet, make you feel more famished than before.

Small Bottle of Water
Ditto as above, water is crucial during crazy sale season. I just sip throughout the day to avoid having to go to the loo every 5 minutes. Of course, it's best to drink lots of water and just bear with the frequent loo visits as it is better for your body but I personally hate having to go through that inconvenience so I opt for the former instead. It's just one day after all.

So there you have it, my shopping essentials. The key for me is knowing what I was intending to shop for, where and when. My fave would be the SSTT, cardi and leggings ensemble. The cardi would have to be a long one though because of the legings. I don't think I need to say why.. Lol.

I hope you enjoyed this and found it useful. Don't forget to leave a comment below on what YOUR shopping essentials are. Cheers!


Asrih Arif said...

If only lelaki can wear leggings... Hahahha I hate to take off my jeans kalau mau try on seluar.. arrgghhhh mmg pain in the asss... LIKE LITERALLY...

Phoebe said...

Hahaha.. Girls hv an advantage in that sense..