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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Should We Pursue Security Or Passion?

Hi y'all..
This question has been playing on my mind for the past few months now and that is in terms of our career, should we pursue a job that is secure or pursue what we love to do?

For the sake of simplifying things a few factors will not be taken into account such as family circumstances, education level, family support, etc. This means that those who are limited in their choice of work because they are the sole bread winner of the family with younger siblings to support, lack education, or whose parents don't support their interest (you get the picture) are exempted.  

The pros of those choosing a secure job is that they will not have to worry about being laid off at the blink of an eye and have a stable/fixed income. Ah, bliss... The cons however is that because those not doing something they love are more susceptible to the feelings of boredom, demotivation and unenthusiasm. This might effect the quality and effort they put into their work.

On the other side of the grid , the opposite might happen to those who pursue their passion. That love for what one does gives one the drive to do their best in their job and enthusiasm runs high even in the most difficult situations. As one's interest might be in the conventional line of work such as being a nurse, doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc, instability of income is not necessarily an issue of concern. However those who love what might considered to be 'unconventional' careers such as being a magician, painter, musician, etc would most definitely face this flip-side.

For me personally, I'd choose the latter. If what you love to do happen to be in the conventional line of work, then you are certainly very lucky. For the unconventional ones, it's still possible to pursue your career under one condition; be the best in your field. Wanna be a musician? Take classes, practice, gain experience by performing every chance you get and be open to constructive criticism. Basically, do whatever it takes to be the best of the best.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no career coach but one thing's for sure, I know what it feels like to be the former. Feeling your whole being drying out and dying a slow and painful death is not very pleasant. What do you think dear readers? Which would you choose?


Amanda Christine Wong said...

I'd choose passion. but i am lucky that i do have a passion in teaching. but sometimes i wonder whether i could make it as a writer or in play performances. the 'what if i have taken the other road less trodden'. one could only wonder.

Phoebe said...

You're very lucky that you love what you do and have the educational background to do it. In the future maybe you can pursue those possibilities and if it doesn't work out then you can always go back to teaching.. :)

Sheila Kamal said...

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Phoebe said...

Hi Sheila,
Thanks, I appreciate it. I've visited your blog and it's really cute! Hehe...