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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Phy A' Rantin': Money, Maggi and Mail

This post has no purpose whatsoever. Just feeling disgruntled about a few things but don't have too much to say about each to warrant a full post.

I swear, sometimes I feel like my savings account where my pay goes in to is like a Formula 1 stop-over station. Money comes in and stop for just a few minutes before being withdrawn to pay rent and bills. Having one's own money is sweet but it's bitter to see it go into the bill payment kiosks.

It's really frustrating how the price of groceries and fuel keeps rising but salaries are below the 'line of poverty'. As for rumors saying that there will be a rise in the Government servant's salary? Not that I wouldn't be grateful, but could they not announce it? Cause when they do, guarantee harga barang naik so sama juga pia' dia.

Sigh! I had used to live on Maggi when I was studying. Now that I'm working I thought those years were behind me and I can enjoy proper food. It would be unfair to say that I don't eat properly AT ALL. I do, normally within the first week of pay day. After that it's Maggi for lunch or dinner as it's the only thing that's saving me from 'makan batu berulam rumput'.

I hope some big shot at Maggi is reading this post *keeping fingers crossed* so that they will appoint me as a spokesperson for the Maggi brand since I've been helping them achieving their sales target for yeatrs now..

The only mail I get is from are from pudgy, yellow men and from Bank Rakyat. How fun is that? Cuba lah surat cinta kah, kad kahwin kawan kah.. Sheesh! Service companies pun satu, bil pertama tu buat lah date end of the month. Ini, kalau 15hb orang apply servis tu, 14hb pula bil due for the next month. How are people supposed to pay? When we don't pay, cepat jak potong servis. Mau kasi sambung bukan main lagi lambat, macam siput tempang.

Looks like every time we want to apply for a service, we must plan strategically and apply only after the 25th of each month to avoid the annoyance of being called or SMSes 3 times a day reminding us to pay our bills. Macam mo jak sy balas 'Ko SMS 10 kali pun tida' guna, sama juga sy bayar selepas gaji'. If it's not for me knowing that it's auto generated, I think I would have.

Oh well...


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