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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phy's Boys Are Back..

I have been experiencing Empty Nest (or rather, Office) Syndrome for the past 3 weeks. All of my boys (that's what I call my Traffic Policemen) were send to Sarawak to aid the election during the duration of that time. We were shocked that all of them were sent but orders are orders so they had to follow.

It was so quiet at the office without their laughter, teasing and lewd jokes. I never thought that I would actually miss them but I did. Yesterday they were finally back and I must say that I'm very happy. One of them actually bought me the famous Kek Lapis Sarawak. Thank you Mon Mon Cat (bukan nama sebenar. I repeat, bukan nama sebenar).

Courtesy of Mon Mon Cat..

'Touching' kunu kena beli kek. Sekali sy tanya (dengan mata berkaca no less) "Perisa apa kek yang ko beli sy ni Mon?". The response? "Antah, sy pun nda tau tu. Sy amik2 jak tu, jan la ko tanya sy." Hmft, typical male in uniform response. Baru sy mo terharu pun trus x jadi. Haha.. They may be gruff but they have a heart of gold, these guys.

Unfortunately 2 of them are being sent to Semporna again today, including Mon Mon Cat. When I found out sy pula lebih2 upset. Sy kesian anak bini diorang bah. They only get one day with their husband after 3 weeks of separation then they'll have to be alone again for another 3 days.

Bukan senang mau jadi bini polis ni, kena tabah, patient, understanding and very independent. That's why I don't want to marry a Policeman or anyone who works in uniform such as the Army, Fire Brigade, etc. I'm not sure if I would be able to handle their line of work.

Anyway, I'm digressing. Again, I'm very happy that my boys are back even if two of them will have to be out of my sight again so soon. I didn't even mind when they teased me mercilessly upon setting eyes on me, especially Bapak Mentua (again, bukan nama sebenar mahupun status sebenar). Who knows, it might be their way of expressing that they had missed me too (pedahal entah2 lepas gian. Ya lah, 3 minggu inda ijik sy kan.. Lol..)

Now I can resume my tasks with a smile. I won't have to be alone with Mr. Forever-Ada-Urusan-Penting-Jadi-Terpaksa-Setengah-Hari-Kerja or Mrs. I'm-Pregnant-So-I-Have-The-Right-To-Be-Nasty-And-Boss-People-Around. Lalala... Haha.. That's all for now peeps.. Cheers!