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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Phy Goes Globe-Trotting

To China that is. Guilin, China to be more specific. Ah, I can already imagine the confused/clueless looks on your faces at the name dear readers. I get those looks every time I happen to mention it.

I must admit, Guilin is nowhere near as famous as Beijing, Shanghai or Taipei and I myself never heard of it before being invited to join on this trip by my dear former house mate. Despite all that AND despite it not being a shopper's paradise, here is why I said 'Yes' to joining this trip:

 Alhamdulillah, Allah bestow such beauty for us to see...

No words can describe it..

I cant wait to see this.. 

Sight for sore eyes...

My group will be there for almost a week. It is going to be freezing because now is the winter time and although I'm excited to be going in a season that I have never experienced in all my life, I just discovered that dressing up for winter is a lot more complicated, not to mention expensive, than I thought.

Some say that it's cheaper to buy winter clothes in China itself but I would still need something to tide me by until I get to the shops now wouldn't I? Windbreakers cost a small fortune and while trenches are more chic I don't think it would withstand the cold and wind.

More updates coming soon as I prepare for my first ever vacation overseas as an adult.. Hehe.. Stay tuned. Cheers!