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Monday, January 03, 2011

Phy Tells A Story..

Okay, these are one of those posts where I don't really have anything in particular to say. So I'll just let my thoughts go and see where they take me..

Hmmm... Lets see... Yesterday me and my friends went to pick up someone at UMS and we passed a couple of students who had just disembarked from the bus and were strolling down the path back to their accommodations, all the while swinging their plastic bags of student staples (KFC, instant noodles and 3-in-1 drinks) merrily.

That brought back memories of my years in uni. Ah, those were the days.. Eating Maggi together, going to a friend's room in the middle of the night to  study. Or gossip. Or cry. Oh, and holding 'movie nights' where we would watch Korean dramas or movies from a laptop whose screen is so small it can only be seen clearly by the 3 people in the 'front row'.

It was not all enjoyment though. Being a student does not come without it's own challenges. There were times when I would hear frustrated shouts and screams during study/exam week from those who couldn't handle the stress.

I had a particularly unforgettable experience in my 4th semester. It was 2 weeks before study week and all of our lecturers seem to just realize that they haven't given us a 2nd test, 2nd quiz or requested the submission of our various assignments. So they deem all those are to be done within those 2 weeks.

It became like, presentation today in the morning then for evening class of another subject we had a quiz and the next morning was a test and the next day was assignment submissions. The 2nd week was the worst. It was just non-stop that I thought that I had died and gone to educational Hell.

Then on this one particular evening when we had just come back from a head-spinning test, we had an assignment due for submission in the morning which we had to start from scratch (I don't remember why we had so little time to do the assignment. We were not a procrastinating bunch) and we were to have a quiz for the same subject that very morning at the same time as well.

Just as we were settling down to divide the work of the assignment guess what happened? The campus experienced a blackout. My laptop could only last 10 minutes without a power source and my friend's laptop had only 20% charge to it so we couldn't do our work. We decided to study.

How? One of my friend had a torchlight function in her phone so we hung her handphone on a locker and designated a portion of the chapters to each of us so that we could discuss the topic and not have to read the whole chapter individually.

An hour or two later the electricity came back on and we heaved a sigh of relief and rubbed our strained eyes. Half an hour later however, we heard an ear-piercing sound that rang long and clear. Turns out we were to have a fire drill exercise that night. We looked at each other and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

The exercise was only over 2 hours later. We had to take turns sleeping to complete our assignment. Those who did the final parts slept first whereas those who did the front part worked and vice versa. I don't remember what we got for the assignment or even how we did on our quiz but that night's experience was something that I would remember forever.

Do you have any experience as a student that you don't think you could ever forget? Do share your story. Cheers!