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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Phy Needs YOUR Advice.. And Some Good News!

If you've traveled overseas, studied (or even studying) abroad or even if you are a local travel bug, I can really use your advice on things like:

Rules and restrictions at the airport or going through customs.

Safety tips for luggage, sight-seeing, etc.

Bargaining tips.

Packing tips (e.g. how to pack light but have all that I need)

Are there any multi-purpose products that I can use (I know Vaseline is one)

Any special needs for winter time.

Medicines that I might need.

How to avoid contacting common traveler's sickness (diarrhea anyone?)

Anything really even if it's how to prolong my camera's battery life or extra precautions to protect it from the elements, etc.

Oh, on to the good news. It is required of anyone working with the Malaysian Government to get approval in order to travel overseas to ensure their safety. I had experienced some delay with mine but today I got to know that my application has been approved! Yay!!! I had been so worried that I wouldn't be able to get the approval in time.

 Thank you Lina for getting it done so quickly! I heart you even if you're just a voice on the other end of the telephone. Lol.. I would nominate you for an APC anytime.

Anyway, I have been shopping for my trip and have bought some things that I am so, SO excited about. Will be posting some pics on them as soon as I get everything organized. Until the next post (which will be soon.. Lol..). Cheers my dears!