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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Ultimate Favorite Products of 2010..

This post, I must admit, is a bit late and I do apologize.The following are the products that I have continued to reach out for consistently throughout last year. I present to you, my ultimate favorite cosmetics products of 2010:

MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer 

This is my favorite concealer hands down. I use it to cover my under eye circles. It helps even out my skin tone, very moisturizing and only a little is needed at a time. I am in the color NW25 if you're wondering. 

 Ricepaper and Carbon Eyeshadow

These are two of the three basic eye shadows that I personally think all women should get from MAC. Ricepaper is a gold-ish nude color and is used for highlighting (or a subtle all over lid color if you want). It adds light to the whole eye makeup look. I have other highlighters shadows from MAC but I like this the best.

Carbon is just a basic matte black color. I guess you can find this basic color from more inexpensive makeup brands. They might not have as much color pay-off though so you'll need to pack on the color. With Carbon, I use it as a definer, crease color and even eyeliner sometimes.     

MAC Mineral Eyeshadow in Odd Couple

I love dark purples, greens and blues on my lids and my favorite purple eyeshadow would be Odd Couple. Mineral eye shadows from MAC (and I think generally) can be used both wet and dry.

When used wet, the colors would be more intense and vibrant. I have yet to try this eye shadow wet because I love it enough when used with a dry brush. The two colors just go so well together.

Quietone Lipstick

This is my Holy Grail lipstick. I use it so much since July 2010 that I'm half-way through it. I normally put my lipstick in the morning for work and never re-apply it again.

With this lipstick I find myself keep applying it through the day, not because it doesn't last, but because I love it so much.. I'm slowing down now because I want to save it a bit. Hehe...

Prep + Prime Skin Base

The consistency of this product is really smooth and it helps makeup to glide on really easily. It makes my makeup lasts a tad longer. If you're using a foundation that is hard to blend then this would certainly be your best friend too.

 Brush Cleanser

I use makeup brushes to apply my makeup and they need gentle care and handling. I use this to clean my makeup brushes and to do spot-cleaning. Spot-cleaning is just another word for express cleaning. I try to clean my brushes with this weekly.

 Blush in Azalea Bloom

This blush is a limited edition and was given to me by my sister. It's funny but I have never, ever bought a blusher from MAC. I guess I get so distracted at the eyeshadow counter that I never make it to the rear of the shop to check them out. Lol..

 Anyway, despite it's scary purple gradient color, this blush gives the most natural flush of color ever. I heart this blush.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Warm Natural.

I love using this over my foundation until two or three months ago when I discovered powder foundation and fell in love. I still love this product but I mainly use it for touch ups now.

This product is the 1st that I had loved so much that I even used up the crumbled pieces. This is my second pan by the way. 

MAC Paint Pot in Reubenesque

Every time I talk about this product I would be like a woman obsessed. This is one of the three eye shadow I mentioned earlier (when I was talking about Ricepaper and Carbon eye shadow) that I personally think every woman need to have in their makeup stash.

This can be used on it's own for a sheer, natural-looking wash of color. Or it can be used as a base for other eye shadows. Used as a base, it makes my eyeshadow color more vibrant because of it's peachy gold color, and it stays put all day long. I can't say any enough good things about it.

MAC Prep + Prime Eyes in Medium

This acts as a base for the eye lids. It's legitly an eye primer and it does what every eye primer out there in the market are supposed to do like help make blending easier and the eyeshadow last longer.

However, since it has three colors to choose from (if I'm not mistake the other two are Light and Dark) it also helps to provide an even color on the lids (perfect for those who have discoloration or visible veins on their lids).

Aside from that, this acts as a protective layer between your eye lids and eyeshadow because no matter how good your makeup remover is (some women out there don't even own one) your lids WILL eventually get stained by the pigments of the eye shadows.

 This helps to prevent that from happening. Lastly, it has a smooth silky feel to it so eye shadows just glide over the lids easily.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation 

I have just discovered powder foundation this year. I don't know why but I've always felt like powder foundations are kind of like frauds. I don't feel like they would be able to give the same quality of coverage that I would get from a 'real' (read: liquid) foundation.

I apprehensively tried this one and I am gobsmacked. It provides the same coverage as a liquid foundation yet, it's even better because there is no need to set it with powder.

 It's so convenient and I am now going like 'where have you been all my life?' on this product. Do go check this out because it would save you sooooo much time on doing your makeup.

So there you have it, all my favorite products of the year 2010. I must admit, all are from MAC. This year has been kind of like my year of discovery of MAC products. Though it is quite expensive, believe me when I say that you are paying for their quality aside from their brand. 

There will be a post on this topic of high end makeup soon. Until then, cheers!