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Monday, January 10, 2011

Phy Wishes That She Could Pack Like A Man..

There are a lot of things that I can do and do well but packing is just not one of them. I always need to pack a few days in advance and I would edit the content of my luggage almost three times a day only  to realize that I had forgotten some essentials after I've arrived at my destination. 

I wish I could pack like a man. I really wish I could. It's just so unfair sometimes when I see a man tote around a small carry-all bag for a week-long stay in a foreign place. How do they even do that? 

I guess the fact that they have less 'needs' than us ladies does contribute somewhat. Let's have a look at the differences in the way a woman and a man pack shall we?

This is what a MAN would pack for a 3 days and two nights trip to KL for training:

2 office shirts
1 pair of black trousers/slacks
1 belt
1 necktie
2 t-shirts (1 wear)
1 pair of jeans (wear)
1 pair of casual shoes (wear)
1 pair office shoes
1 pair socks 
2 undies (I assume that this gentleman is a hygienic person and not the type who inverts his undies to get a 'clean, new pair')
1 tooth brush.

Packing philosophy: If it's not enough, do without (go Komando) or improvise (hence the inverting of the undies)

This is what a WOMAN would pack for a 3 days and two nights trip to KL for training:

3 baju kurung/office blouse
3 kain kurung/ skirt/ pants
4 tops (1 wear)
2 jeans (1 wear)
1 pair of heels
1 pair casual sandals (wear)
1 pair flip flops
3 top unmentionables 
5 bottom unmentionables 
1 bag skin care (cleanser, toner, essence, eye cream, moisturizer, lotion)
1 bag hygiene items (toothbrush, mouth wash, floss)
1 bag makeup (makeup base, foundation, powder, blusher, lipstick(s), lipgloss, mascara, lash curler, eye shadow(s), eye liner, lip balm, makeup brush(es))
1 pouch of 'who knows' (tweezers, brow scissors, menstrual pads)
1 pouch styling products (hair serum, hair styling balm)

Packing philosophy: What if ____________________? (Fill in the blank).

I have already limited the items in the women's list because I began to feel nauseous just looking at it. This list may vary for different women but generally they are the same. 

Some might have more because they have special needs like a specific shampoo and conditioner for their chemical/color-treated/sun-damaged hair or a specific soaps for their sensitive skin. Others might have less because they don't care much.

Women are also obsessed with the what-if question. What if it rains and we get drenched? (hence bringing half an dozen tops) What if Aunt Flow comes AGAIN this month? (the big box of menstrual pads) What if my sandals give out on me in the middle of The Mall?(the extra pair of casual sandals) 

The good thing about this is that women are rarely caught unprepared in any situation. The downside to that? The what-ifs never happen, or if they do, its once on a blue moon so all that lugging around was for naught.

Now faced with packing for my trip to China, I find myself gripped with paralyzing fear. Will all this be enough? Is it too much? What if I get charged for going over the 15KG limit? Will I have room for the things I will be buying?


I have put off this packing thingy for long enough. Will need to get started without fail by tonight. Wish me luck so that I will NOT forget any essentials, bring too much or too little for this trip and that for once, I could pack light like a man. Cheers!