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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Phy Dreams Of Cham Pale

Good morning 2011!!! Wow, I am feeling upbeat and optimistic on this new day. Anyway, I decided that this is going to be my first beauty post of the year and I am so excited!

If you are my friend on Facebook yo would know from my monthly favorites photo albums that I love MAC products. Now, now, I know that MAC is pricey but I do feel quality is a better investment over quantity.

One of the best things AND also the worse things about MAC is that they always come out with new collections and most, if not all of them are irresistibly fabulous. This month two collections are coming out, one of which is already out in stores which is the Cham Pale Collection.

Just as the name bellies all the colors are soft, pale and shimmery and, well, like champagne (champagne, cham pale.. almost the same no?). There are a lot of products in this collection but here are just some of my personal picks from the collection.

Caviar Dreams Eye Shadow Pallette

I Get No Kick Eye Khol

Paint Pot in Dangerous Cuvee

Dangerous Cuvee Swatch: Frosted Cool Grey

Special Reserve Highlight Powder in Rose Ole

Rose Ole Swatch: Soft Pink With Gold Shimmer

Tinted Lip Conditioner With Lavender in Calm Mode

Calm Mode Swatch: Light Neutral Beige

Lip Gelee in Bubble Lounge

Bubble Lounge Swatch: Sparkly Pink Peach

Lip Gelee in Luxure

Luxure Swatch: Off White With Pink Pearl

All pictures, swatches and description of the products are from the MAC website. I can't very well buy all these products but I might go with the Rose Ole because it is such a unique product. What do you think I should get? :)