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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Belated Makeup Monday: The Body Shop Concealer Pencil.

Today’s Makeup Monday post is going to be a product review on The Body Shop’s Concealer Pencil. I had bought this around October last year and had never really used it. I had liked it when the girl at the store put it on me but when I arrived home and put it on, it looked really, really cakey and I hated it. I ended up tossing it to the bottom of my face makeup storage and forgot all about it.

I'm in Shade 04

If you are my friend on Facebook, you would know that I had made a pledge not to make unnecessary purchases and makeup is definitely, definitely something unnecessary for me to buy since I have a lot already.  I was going through my face makeup storage for my weekly rotations when I saw it and remembered that I had it.

I decided to break away from my favourite MAC concealer and give this one a ‘second chance’ so to speak. Boy, am I surprised and glad that I did because it worked better than I remembered it to be the first time I tried it myself.

To be honest this is supposed to be used on my freckles but I tried it under my eyes and although the colour is a bit off, it wasn’t that bad at all. Setting it with a powder that matches my skin solved that problem though.

Since it’s a pencil form and not a liquid or cream concealer, it did drag a bit on my skin but I find it easier to use when I warm up the tip with my ring finger before applying it under my eye. That’s because the heat from my finger kinds of ‘melt’ it a bit to become creamy in texture and easier to blend.

It comes in a few shades and is priced at around RM40++. You’d also need the sharpener for this baby so don’t forget that. So I guess that’s all for this week’s Makeup Monday posts. If you have any review requests or questions feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below. Cheers!


danghuyenanh said...

Hi Phoebe,

I just purchased this pencil concealer from TBS in shade 04. It matched my skin tone when i tried to apply it in store but later turned out a bit darker than my foundation. I'm using Shiseido liquid foundation B20 natural light beige.

Should I return/exchange for another shade? And do you know anything about TBS exchange policy?

Thanks a lot!


danghuyenanh said...

Hi Phoebe,

I purchased the same concealer last week in the same shade :D the colour matched my skin tone at store but later when i went home, I found it a bit dark for my foundation colour. I am using Shiseido dual balancing foundation in B20 natural light beige.

I need your opinion on whether I should try a lighter shade? What is your shade for foundation? And any idea about TBS exchange policy?

I really appreciate your reply.

Phoebe said...

Hi annie,
The lighting in stores are different from natural lighting so it's not unusual to find that what suited you in the store might not work in natural lighting.. Bummer right? :(

You can avoid something like this from happening again in the future by trying out the product and going out of the store in natural lighting to see how it looks like.

I do think that you should get one that matches your skin tone. Unfortunately, I've never returned a product from TBS before so I'm not sure about their return policy. There's no harm in trying though. :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Check out my beauty blog phoebe-loves-makeup.blogspot.com for more beauty-related posts. Cheers!

danghuyenanh said...

Thanks a lot for your reply. I will drop by the store asap :D

Phoebe said...

No problem. Do update me on whether you were able to exchange it or not. I hope you do.. Good luck.. :)