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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Flog: Kobe Sizzlers

Yesterday I was on my way to get my monthly sushi fix at Warisan Square's Sushi King when I noticed what I thought was a new restaurant on the same block so I went to check out their outside menu to see what kind of food they offer and the pricing.

From the outside..

Based on the name I had expected the place to offer modern Japanese cuisine (You know because of Kobe beef). Imagine my surprise when I see Indian selections on the menu. They offer Chapati, various curries and Bhajjis (batter fried snacks/starter) but what really caught my eye was Puri.

The Indian selection menu..

Puri is two fried wheat roti and it is my absolute favorite among all Indian rotis with Naan being a close second. I had not eaten Puri in what seemed like a lifetime ago so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it on the menu. I almost ditched my sushi to eat there but I decided to just have the Puri for lunch today.

The signage and interior decor was very simple with clean lines. Nothing fancy and it's not very big although it does have an upper story where I believe is where the kitchen is located aside. Not sure if there's a dining area up there. 

 Looking out to Le Meridien Hotel

 Some magazines that kept me occupied.

Looking forward to my meal..

I ordered Puri, Prawn Curry and Shiroo & Cream as dessert. Unfortunately, the Shiroo & Cream was not available and I had to settle for Sizzling Brownies.

My yummy, yummy lunch...

The Puri were served warm and crispy, in fact, a little too crispy for my liking. It made eating with a fork and spoon very difficult. I had wanted to use my hands in the first place but the wash basin was upstairs and I didn't want to leave my handbag and things unattended so I just decided to use the cutlery provided.

Said Puri were also quite large, unlike the Puri's a family friend used to make. Her Puri's were soft and fluffy too (what? I'm just saying..). Anyway, I was quite full with just one piece of it but I loathe to waste something that I had not tasted in a long, long while so I just slowly finished it up. It's priced at RM1.70.

I'm no expert when it comes to curries so I'm not in a position to verify if a particular curry taste like proper authentic Indian curry or not (I know some people are very particular about that) but what I CAN say that the Prawn Curry was one of the nicest curry I can remember trying.

Gone!.. Excuse the messiness. I can never seem to have hand-eye coordination when it comes to food with gravy.. Lol...

The small bowl is just the right serving size and it contained 3 large prawns cut into 3 parts (it's served excluding the heads of the prawns). I could tell that the prawns used were quite fresh as they were still 'springy'. If they were otherwise they would have turned into mush with the slightest prodding I think. This dish is RM8.00 in price.

Now before I move on to my review on the Sizzling Brownie, let me just say that I'm disappointed at not being able to try out the Shiroo & Cream because I've never tried it before and as hard as it is to find delicious Indian fare, it is even more difficult to get a taste of their desserts here in Sabah. I can seriously count the fingers on one of my hands the times when I got to try them. Oh well...

My dessert arrived late. I had to remind the waiter again of my order before it was served to me which was surprising since only 3 tables were occupied including yours truly. The brownie arrived on a sizzling hot plate with vanilla ice cream on top. After settling it in front of me, the waiter proceeded to pour chocolate sauce from a sauce boat on top of the sweet course in a pattern.

My hopelessly unpretty dessert. So much for presentation....

Before I could get a pretty picture of the confection however, the vanilla ice cream melted and collapsed to the side of the brownie, bubbling vanilla and chocolate puddles on to the wooden sides of the hot plate. I really caution you against trying to eat this dessert too soon as it would be hot. It is really a dessert to be savored slowly and patiently lest you ruin the experience with getting a burnt tongue.

A sauce boat with chocolate sauce.. Although it was too sweet but I like the fact that I had an option of adding more chocolate sauce instead of being content with how much the chef decides to give.

The chocolate brownie was okay and had nuts in them. The continuous heat from the hot plate however will make the base ever so slightly burnt and if you leave it long enough, the middle part of the brownie would become hard, almost like a cookie. The sauce was too sweet, most probably made from chocolate with low cocoa content. Not worth the RM12.90 I'm afraid.

Kobe Sizzlers also serves Western dishes, mainly served on hot plates as the name of the restaurant implies. The prices of these are pretty standard, about RM22++ each with seafood costing slightly more and fish being slightly cheaper than lamb, chicken or beef.

The service was sporadic, quite quick at serving (with the exception of my dessert) but slow on picking up plates even when you're obviously done.

In a nutshell I'd definitely be going back again whenever I need my curry or Puri fix. Hehe.. By the way, Kobe Sizzlers is located at Unit no B-G-15 & B-01-15 Warisan Square, 88800 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Until the next post. Cheers!


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