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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Phy's Work Related Pet Peeves

During the past 3 months of Traffic summons-related discounts, I have been getting more and more customers coming to the counter. The past few weeks have been CRAZY busy and hectic with the discounts coming to an end on the 28th February only to be forwarded until the 10th March 2011 (still sore over that).

When you get almost if not over a 100 customers everyday, you're bound to meet 'special' people with colorful personalities and the talent to piss even the most saintly of Saints off. I have developed a few pet peeves because of these people and here are some of them:

People who give me a whole page full of car numbers to check and then walk away without paying anything.

People who write down a car number to check and then just when I thought we were done they ask me to check another car.. And another.. And another.. Why don't just write it all down in a list in one go?

People who VERBALLY ask me to check 2 cars at once. I only have 1 computer and non-photographic memory so give it to me one by one will ya'?

People who ask the why, where and when then argue with me that they've never done the deed so why were they fined? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? I'M NOT THE ONE WHO FINED YOU!

People who kick up a fuss over an RM30 fine. Kalo sudah parking tidak betul tu bayar jak la... Don't waste my time. 

People who shove their I/C, cash or summons across the counter only for it to land on the floor under my table among the tangle of wires. My clothes were not made for crawling.

People who ask for more than the 50% discount given. You ungrateful prat.

People who come to the counter banging their fists and throwing their weight around.

People think they can argue their way out of paying for summons by incessantly arguing or coaxing for more discount and selfishly holding up the line. Either you pay or move aside and let others pay yo'.

People who pay their summons that are worth hundreds... in RM1 bills.. Yup, you'd be surprised at the number of people who are retarded that way.

 People who treat me like an agony aunt. This may sound mean but if you don't have the money to pay then don't park haphazardly,  don't drive when you don't have a driver's license and basically don't commit traffic related offences.

Those who can't seem to grasp the concept of 'Lunch Hour'.

I think there are others but these are just some of those that I can think of off the top of my head. Will do a second part if I remember more. Until the next post. Cheers! 


Anonymous said...

Hye there.. been reading at people's posts about Them kena saman, and this will be the only one about the one who work behind the counter... Hehe.. bersabarlah.. dorg mo cover malu bah tu.. tu la buat perangai camtu.. ;p

Phoebe said...

Now you know the story on 'the other side of the counter' so to speak... Haha.. Yup, terpaksa sabar lor kalo x nda tau brapa org sudah sy salai.. Lol... :)

Ema Washif said...

folow u here wasaber~

Phoebe said...

Hi Ema, welcome to my blog. Sorry, lambat acknowledge. Been a busy week for me. Huhu..