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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fook Yuen Cafe & Bakery/ Baba & Nyonya..

I love, love, LOVE dim sum but I find it so hard to find a place that sells dim sum that are halal AND taste authentically Chinese. My sister and I were on our way to another restaurant at Jalan Gaya when we came across this:

 Halal Chinese Restaurant

 The name of the bakery...

We decided to have our lunch here because we saw the dim sum counter and so this is what I had...

L-R: Shrimp dim sum, chicken with century egg dim sum

The dim sums were yum-o overload! Very filling too because of the generous size of the individual dim sums. You order your drink at the counter and you will be given a number. When your number flashes on the screen that's your cue to get your drink...

It's affordable because 4 sets of dim sum and a Teh Tarik costs below RM15. I love the authentic taste of Chinese dishes. A lot of Chinese people go there too so you know the taste isn't compromised just because they sell halal fare. 

Economy mee also available. I love the table and chairs...

The bakery... Most popular request? Roti Kahwin!

Do I recommend this place? Definitely! It's just next to Old Town at Jalan Gaya. If you know any great eating places in KK whether it is good value for money, delicious or unique do tell me about it and I will find the time to check it out. Cheers!