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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Phy Knows A Secret, But Don't Know What It Is....

At my age, most if not all of my friends are already working. Some work in the Government, some are teachers, others are nurses and bankers. We are shaping ourselves, taking our places in society.

As for myself, after working for almost 2 years now, but I still feel lost. I still feel as if I don't belong, that I am stuck doing something that I am not meant to do.

So what am I meant to do? I don't know. Something challenging, interacting with multiple individuals at short periods of time (few days max), sharing knowledge that interests me, problem solving, involves traveling and writing. So what does that make me?

Travel host?

Whatever it is, I can feel something in me is changing. I feel as if I am awaking. I don't know how to explain it, but I am starting to sincerely feel like I am in charge of my own destiny (although the ultimate decider is of course Allah SWT).

It started yesterday, when I watched all the interesting jobs that relate to consumerism. It made me realize that there was so much out there in the world that I didn't know about and there are so much potential. I could be just about anything I wanted to be, I just need to know how.

This feeling stayed with me until now and I actually feel very excited, though I don't know why.. It's as I was told a big secret that I could use but I don't know what.. Isn't that just weird?


Amanda Christine Wong said...

then get yo ass out there phy! go get a degree of a subject that u like, no matter how impractical it is! i didnt know want i wanted till i was in university. and if i had the chance, luxury and NOT a teacher right now, i wouldve taken up theater or journalism. but being a tesl student, i did get the best of both worlds :)

Phoebe said...

I know! I have been missing studying so much lately but i cant really do that at the moment. Blm confirm kan jd blm blh cuti blajar.. Argh! Its driving me nuts. Mcm mau just resign then just go wherever to study or work somewhere else.